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Dynamic-Arm-Sling Testimonials



All customer testimonials displayed in the website were submitted in writing by our customers who have experienced many of the same problems you are facing, and who have found tremendous improvements in their lifestyles as a result of using these products. These testimonials are genuine, and they are documented, and they contain our customers’ words, and their opinions.

We think you'll be impressed.

The DYNAMIC-ARM-SLING™ works so much better than a sling. I have acute cervical radiculopathy on my left side, and although I am never without pain, it helps a lot to keep it still. I'll probably order another.
- VoraciousReader (Amazon Customer), Milwaukee, WI

There's just something really eye-catching with a brand that proclaims itself in all caps. Add "Dynamic" to the name and you can almost be sure it's a winner. And the "DYNAMIC-ARM-SLING™" doesn't disappoint. In some ways, it works even better than a regular sling. If taking the weight of your arm off your shoulder is a big deal, then this sling, with its adjustable strap and stretchy fabric should be perfect.- Dr. Shoulder (

The DYNAMIC-ARM-SLING™ is the perfect sling for six weeks post rotator cuff surgery. I'm not allowed to wear the pillow sling any more, but sometimes i just have to get the weight of my arm off my shoulder.
- ZenDada (Amazon Customer)
The DYNAMIC-ARM-SLING™ does the job. Easy to wear and I like that it is easy to get your arm in and out of it. Shipping via USPS to rural areas is slow, but the owner could not have been more helpful. Nice person with whom to do business.
-Shel T. (Amazon Customer)
I am an artist and my shoulder pain makes it hard to paint for long periods. I use the DYNAMIC-ARM-SLING™ to rest my arm periodically. The sling does not get in the way of my activities when I slip my arm out for use. Great product.
-M. Young (Amazon Customer)