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All customer testimonials displayed in the x-strap.com website were submitted in writing by our customers who have experienced many of the same problems you are facing, and who have found tremendous improvements in their lifestyles as a result of using these products. These testimonials are genuine, and they are documented, and they contain our customers’ words, and their opinions.

We think you'll be impressed.

I have had a complete foot drop in my right foot for 3 years since a herniated disk in my back damaged a nerve.  I was originally fitted with a rigid AFO brace for my foot, then a flexible one.  Both of them were cumbersome and uncomfortable and caused me to get blisters on my feet, and I had difficulty driving.

I've now been using the Dorsi-Strap for about 2 years, it is easy to use, comfortable, and it does the job - keeps my foot up so walking or driving are not problems.  In fact, last summer I resumed playing singles tennis (and have even won some matches) with the Dorsi-Strap PRO, which I never would have been able to do with anything else that I tried, so thank you for producing this wonderful product that has enhanced the quality of my life.

Mike G.,
Fresh Meadows, NY

Thank you so much for developing the Dorsi-Strap Pro.
Now I have one for all my shoes, and my golf shoes also have your Sprain-Guard

Now I never wear my AFOs. I have two...one is a bulky plastic mess, the other is made of space age materials and cost Medicare some $850 but does not fit properly and requires that I buy shoes that are a size too big.

The Dorsi-Strap and Sprain Guard are light weight and comfortable and give me the stability that I need for my foot drop and my instable ankle, and the atrophy in my calf is improving and starting to reverse some.  It is almost back to what it was before I got the foot drop. I thank you for the extra strength in my calf.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I found you on the Web. Thanks again.

Dale R.,
Stuart, FL

The Sprain-Guard has made it possible for me continue my tennis career. I can't tell you how many times ankle sprains sidelined me from playing. I now play without fear of injury, and my rating has gone from 3.5 to 4.0. Thanks again for your product.

David R.,
Bethlehem, PA

The shoes with the SPRAIN-GUARDs are great......he ran with the track spike at an indoor meet tonight on a track with really tight curves and seemed to handle it just fine. His relay will contend for the state title in two events. We're so thankful for the SPRAIN-GUARD as without it....running would be a huge gamble.

Think of him next month as he wears the football shoe at the NIKE camp at Ohio State where D1 coaches seek out the top recruits in the nation. Again....he wouldn't be able to go through the testing they will do without the support the shoe with the SPRAIN-GUARD will give him.

We'll more than likely be sending you a baseball shoe in the coming weeks as he will start practice for that the middle of May.

Kathryn M.,
West Union, IA

Just wanted to keep you posted on what a difference the shoe (with the Sprain-Guard) has made for Mike. It has taken him from being only about 50% on the wrestling mat to about 90%. His trainer thinks it was a gift from God.

I can’t thank you enough.

Kathryn M.,
West Union, IA

"I have been a consistent user of the X-Strap Sprain-Guard for a number of years, and have achieved great success with the product. Previously prone to constant, recurring ankle sprains, the Sprain-Guard has kept me sprain free, while not restricting my flexibility and range of motion. This is an easy to use and effective product for people who want to eliminate ankle sprains."

H. Wilson
Town of Old Westbury, NY

"I have always been active in sports, especially in basketball and volleyball. I first twisted/sprained my right ankle when I was 15 years old playing in a pickup basketball game. Over the next 10 years, I tried every possible ankle brace - aircast, sports brace, tape. Nothing worked as I proceeded to end up on crutches about 15 times over those 10 years. Finally after a volleyball game in 1992, when I sprained my ankle after coming down on another player's ankle, a doctor in Connecticut referred me to Mike Ivany at X-strap. I sent my sneaker to him, got back this unique strap attached to my sneaker and decided to give it a try. Since 1992, I have not had one accident with my ankle while wearing the Sprain-Guard, even though I still continue to play basketball three times a month. Now of course the rest of my body seems to be falling apart, but thanks to the Sprain-Guard, my ankle has been great. It has been a life saver for me. Thanks Mike."

J. Martin
New York City

"The Sprain-Guard was exactly what I needed after I severely turned my ankle playing tennis. Other products on the market did not provide a solution enabling both a flexible front & back motion coupled with a side-to-side support for my ankle. When I started to use the Sprain-Guard, the effects were immediate. There were times, most frequently right after the injury, when I felt my ankle start to give (roll), but the Sprain-Guard stopped it from re-injury. The ability to still move quickly to the ball, or to reverse direction, was unimpeded. I was eventually convinced, and thus able to forget about any new potential injury. Instead, I was able to react quickly without being afraid. I would estimate that I used the Sprain-Guard for about 5 years, during which time the Sprain-Guard's prophylactic nature protected me from re-injury numerous times."

D. Everett
Norwalk, CT

"My daughter is a championship-level Irish dancer. She puts in about 9 hours of dance classes and additional hours of practice each week. She was having chronic problems with ankle sprains and pain as a result of her ankles rolling outward when landing from leaps and jumps in her dance routines. This situation had been going on for two years and she had been to three orthopedists, through physical therapy, etc. She tried all kinds of braces but none of the more supportive braces would fit into her specialized Irish dance shoes. She was only able to practice with a supportive brace when she wore sneakers, however, the sneakers prevented her from making the correct foot movements and sounds required (you all know Riverdance!). Further, with the various braces there was considerable limitation in her range of motion, which prevented her from getting her foot into the correct position for many moves. Practicing this way lead to a deterioration of her abilities, competitive standings and general joy of dance."

" After a long search I found the X-Strap.com website. I had the X-Strap Sprain-Guards attached to both her left and right dance shoes. My daughter has had no further injuries when dancing with the X-Strap Sprain-Guards. She is able to move her feet into most of the positions she needs to do her steps, without inhibition from the braces. Her dancing is improving again! She is back to competing and performing and having a great time at it and, I am finally able to watch her enjoy her hobby without the constant worry of injury."

Linda B.
Bethesda, MD