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All customer testimonials displayed in the x-strap.com website were submitted in writing by our customers who have experienced many of the same problems you are facing, and who have found tremendous improvements in their lifestyles as a result of using these products. These testimonials are genuine, and they are documented, and they contain our customers’ words, and their opinions.

Due to the large number of Customer Comments, we've divided the comments into two pages. Page One is listed below. Click on "Page Two" to see the rest of the Customer Comments.

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It is with tears in my eyes that I say thank you for the DORSI-STRAP. We got to go buy "regular" shoes, in a regular store. For the first time in 4 years my 11 year old daughter got to go pick out tennis shoes she liked, not just something that would fit over her AFO. She just walks around looking down at her shoes. It is going to take some getting used to, but she is very excited about not having the brace anymore. Why don't more doctors tell their patients about this?

Thank you again.

Angela M., Tuttle, OK

Justin is 23. He is doing great. I am so glad I found you on line. He is able to do things that he has not been able to do in 2 years, since his wreck. He is the happiest I have seen him in years over the Dorsi-Strap™ PRO. He is able to work longer hours. It is just amazing what this has done for him. He said to let you know he can dance again, maybe not break dance lol, but he can keep his balance and dance up a storm. Thank you, and we will be buying more of your products soon.

Sherrie S., Poteau, OK


The Dorsi-Strap foot drop device is amazing.

I was able to discard a clumsy, plastic brace which was painful, and to use the Dorsi-Strap to walk almost naturally.

This has actually changed my life for the better. It is a great system.

Jack S., Jericho, VT

Thank you so much for your help for shoes without laces.  Your Dorsi-Strap brace is so much better than any others I've tried.

Keep up the good work.

Betty L., Houston. TX

The Dorsi-Strap foot drop device is amazing.  I was able to discard a clumsy, plastic brace which was painful, and use the Dorsi-Strap to walk almost naturally. 

This has actually changed my life for the better. It is a great system.


I just received the Dorsi-Strap and it works great!  I have tried the Walk Aid but it doesn't help when I turn sideways because you have to lean forward for it to activate.  I had the plastic brace as well.  Hot and cumbersome.

I had spinal stenosis at 34 and now at 55 the Dorsi-Strap is the best product for helping me walk without constantly tripping. 

Thank-you so much!  
Randy F., Canada

Four years ago I got drop foot. My doctor prescribed a plastic heavy duty brace for my foot. The brace fit into my shoe. The brace was hot in the summer, and using it without a shoe I would slip on the floor. I work outside and I found the brace to be uncomfortable.

I have been wearing the Dorsi-Strap for the last two years. The Dorsi-Strap had been easy to put on and easy to wear.

I recommend the Dorsi-Strap to anyone who has foot drop.

Ron. S., Milton, FL

Just want to say THANK YOU! I got the Dorsi-Strap the very next day after placing my order.  It's a great tool to get around at home and I have taken a nap with it on and I hardly notice it was on. 
I badly sprained my knee tearing 4 ligaments and stretching my peroneal nerve.  Walking has been a task, but since purchasing your Dorsi-Strap, it's a lot better.

Luc F., Nanuet, NY

My Brother, Bill, was injured in 1983. He has a brain injury and is paralyzed on his right side. He has worn a brace for foot drop for almost 30 years until I saw an ad in StrokeSmart magazine for the Dorsi-Strap. After showing it to Bill, we decided to order one. I thought we would be returning it or throwing it away because he has a hard time understanding new concepts. The Dorsi-Strap arrived in days, and within an hour, Bill wanted to throw his old brace away (we didn’t do that, just in case!).

Yesterday we placed our second Dorsi-Strap order, and also ordered the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint. That was Bill’s idea. He wants to go barefoot once in a while.

This has been a God send for us. Bill is so happy. He can wear regular shoes, in his size, and now he feels like everyone else. Thank you a million times.

I think there are so many people who should JUST TRY the Dorsi-Strap. The worst thing that can happen is they have to return the product…. but I bet they don’t!!
Again, bless you and yours’. I’ll be in touch again for sure.

Dorothy R., Clinton, IA

I am elated. I received the DORSI-STRAP on Monday. I put it on and drove my car for the first time since May. I had right Hip revision surgery, and woke up with foot drop. I truly have been concerned about mobility, as I've had six hip surgeries on both hips, left knee problems & some right lower back pain.

This is truly a blessing. God Bless you for your innovation that is truly helping others. I believe in God's healing hand and in time, my right foot will function completely, but this will help me along the way.

Blessings to you.

Linda T., Riverside, CA

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product!  My drop foot was caused by a surgical error. I wore the hard plastic AFO for about a year. It hurt, and I could only wear 1 pair of shoes that didn't match my work clothes.

Then I found the Dorsi-Strap system. It was a miracle!  I could wear my favorite shoes and my stride had returned to normal.  This helped my lower back.  Between not having to walk on that hard plastic and lessening my lower back pain, I felt like a new person.  Being female, I was thrilled to get my old shoes back!   

I am thankful every day for the Dorsi-Strap......my old AFO is in storage, I haven't used it in 2 years. You made my life much better!!

Toni R., Baxter, MN

Thanks so very much. I love the Dorsi-Strap. It’s so much more comfortable to wear.

Susan H., Rensselaer, IN

The Dorsi-Strap for Foot Drop is a great product, and I'm very pleased with it.

Vincent W., Stockport, UK

I injured my back some years ago which resulted in severe foot drop. I was fitted with a brace which I could not wear, and have put up with the limp and discomfort ever since. I had frequent falls which resulted in many minor injuries.
I put on the Dorsi-Strap and could not believe how good it is. I have just now ordered an additional black strap and white strap to go on my work and golf shoes, and cannot believe I have put up with this condition for so long when the solution was just a click away.

I played golf today for the first time with the Dorsi-Strap PRO on, and my balance was much better, and I finished with a lot more energy.

Thanks ...... a very happy customer.
Ralph S., Sydney, Australia

I really appreciate your product, as I have written before. I wear a Dorsi-Strap constantly. I have extreme foot drop, and your strap has allowed me so much more freedom than any AFO (bah humbug! to AFO's).

I have nothing but praise for the Dorsi-Strap. It has freed me from that dreaded AFO, and, more
than that, it has helped me feel like a normal person.  I know you hear that a lot (I read the Customer comments) but it is so true.  You can be sure I will never stop using your Dorsi-Strap unless you come up with something that can beat it. Thanks again.

Sharon G., Damascus, MD

I have been using and experimenting with the Dorsi-Strap, which I do think is really excellent.  One of my post graduate research students here at university is an experienced Pilates rehabilitation practitioner and she checked out my gait with the Dorsi-Strap in place and agreed I was now toeing off with the dropped foot and heel - to - toe placing foot correctly with the following step.  As a result I no longer have to lift the leg in an exaggerated manner (to ensure my toes clear the floor) and fling the foot forward.  She confirmed my gait is now even and basically normal.

She also observed I was walking faster. ...I know that is in part because I can now lean slightly forward as I walk – which is the normal walking posture, rather than standing with my head and shoulders held back to balance the flung forward leg.  This unusual stance, which is so typical of Muscular Dystrophy sufferers, is a contributor to their tendency to overbalance backwards and sustain head injuries.

I wish you well with your enterprise and hope that it becomes far more widely publicized. Indeed, it was quite by chance I came across your website since the orthotic practitioner sites in Australia certainly fail to mention it – perhaps because it is a simple, inexpensive, user managed system that completely leaves them out of the loop.

Dr. Deirdre C., Gordon, NSW, Australia

I just wanted to let you know that I love your Dorsi-Strap.  I'm a 42 female and had to have a total hip replacement from being a runner for so many years.  I ended up with peroneal palsy as a complication from the surgery.  The orthotic was terribly uncomfortable, not to mention painful because I had to use them in closed toe shoes and I have little feeling in my toes. So they would end up in the shoe twisted, or cramped and I was just miserable. 
Your solution has been a wonderful tool to help me through this unexpected physical limitation.  The hip replacement is great, it's my palsy that I struggle with. 
Thanks for making it a little more bearable.

Risa R., Nashville, TN

I have Facioscapulohumeral Muscular dystrophy (FSHD).  I started getting foot drop about a year ago.  I live in NYC and I had a handful of pretty bad falls.  I did my research and decided to go ahead and try the Dorsi-Straps for both feet. 
I absolutely love them.  I have been fall-free since using them.  It is really liberating.  I also love the fact that they are not rigid.  You control how tight you need them to be, so they do not promote further atrophy.  You can get them in different colors so they blend in with your shoes. 
Mike is a pleasure to deal with.  The service is super.  I recommend Dorsi-Straps to everyone I speak with that has foot drop.  The price is right too!

David Y., New York, NY

This is a heartfelt thanks and testimonial for the Dorsi-Strap for foot drop. I am 54 years old and for the first time in 48 years, I am walking with my head held high and a bright smile on my face. For those who loved me, my limp was a non issue, but since wearing the dorsi strap, these folks have called it my miracle.

An act of violence stole my ability to walk "normal". A 3 oz work of art, the Dorsi-Strap, restored me. I can never say how grateful I am, but if you need to talk to someone when deciding if this is right for you, Mike has my permission to forward my cell number.

By the way, in addition to my near normal gait, I'm getting better every day on the ability of my ankle to lay at a higher angle. I'm finding out there are actually muscles there!

Hannah M., Dallas, OR

I have been wearing my Dorsi-Straps for a little over a month now. They have really made a difference in my life.  My walking is much improved and I hardly know I am wearing them. 
I was diagnosed with CMT a few years ago and prescribed to wear AFOs which I was fitted for, and found uncomfortable and hard to use. I found a wonderful Podiatric Surgeon who said the AFOs were not for me, and that I should keep my muscles active with physical therapy, and continue to use my cane, with possible shoe inserts later. The PT, along with the Dorsi-Straps, has helped my balance, and I hardly ever need my cane.
Thank you Dorsi-Straps.

Jacquelyn S., St. Petersburg, FL

I have drop-foot and the DORSI-STRAP has freed me from wearing a large, heavy brace.

The DORSI-STRAP is light-weight, simple to wear, and allows me to put my heel down first and raises my toe enough for easy walking. It’s an ingenious design that works.

Gloria C., Mill Valley, CA

I have had a complete foot drop in my right foot for 3 years since a herniated disk in my back damaged a nerve. I was originally fitted with a rigid AFO brace for my foot, then a flexible one. Both of them were cumbersome and uncomfortable and caused me to get blisters on my feet, and I had difficulty driving.

I've now been using the Dorsi-Strap for about 2 years, it is easy to use, comfortable, and it does the job - keeps my foot up so walking or driving are not problems. In fact, last summer I resumed playing singles tennis (and have even won some matches) with the Dorsi-Strap PRO, which I never would have been able to do with anything else that I tried, so thank you for producing this wonderful product that has enhanced the quality of my life.

Mike G.,
Fresh Meadows, NY

Just to say you have a super product in X-Strap Dorsi-Strap system. I used to wear a bulky, hot, leg and foot brace contraption that was custom made & cost over $1000.
No more.

The Dorsi Strap answers my drop foot problem beautifully. I can fit it to my sandals or my dress shoes. It’s light & very discreet. I have several pairs of these straps because they are so affordable. Thanks again.


I had an accident two months ago and left the hospital wearing an AFO.

I was searching “foot drop” information, when I came across the products of X-Strap. It appeared too good to be true, so I called and spoke with the owner. He assured me that I had a 30 day period to try the products and could then return them.

Using something lighter and less cumbersome seemed too good to be true. When the Dorsi-Strap arrived, I read the instructions and found them very easy to follow. I put the Dorsi-Strap on and was thrilled. My walk improved immediately. I could move so much more easily without the bulky AFO.

I also ordered the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint for use while I work, relax, sleep, or just need to jump up to get something. Until its arrival, I was wearing a clumsy boot to sleep in (that often disturbed me during the night). I work on my laptop on my bed during the day, so keeping the AFO on was rubbing the side of my foot. The Dorsi-Lite allows me to keep the ankle in the correct position without the bulk or discomfort. When I need to move around the house, it is so comfortable to be able to move again without considering if I need to remove the night brace, add the AFO, or just be prepared to limp along.

It is wonderful to find such great alternatives while I’m healing. It makes the whole thing so much more bearable. Great affordable products that do the trick. Thanks!

Andrea S.,
Sherman Oaks, CA

I purchased a Dorsi-Lite and a Dorsi-Strap from you recently, and just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with them both - they are comfortable, work well and are easy to fit.

Ian L.
Mt. Barker, South Australia

As a retired family physician who developed a foot drop related to spinal stenosis I was well aware how cumbersome and uncomfortable standard rigid posterior splinting was for foot drop and it inspired me to search the internet for any alternatives. It was there that I discovered the innovative Dorsi-Strap and found it to be an excellent product which exceeded my expectations. It is comfortable and easy to use and it really works.

T.S. Hourigan,
M.D., Halfmoon Bay, B.C.

Recently I received my X-Strap Dorsi-Strap and I'm thrilled with it. 
It has given me more independence, and I can now walk with a walker or 2 canes when I wear it.  It has freed me from sitting in a wheelchair most of the time, and I don't have to wear the clunky AFO anymore. 

I also want to let you know that my physical therapist was amazed at your Dorsi-Strap, and is going to be sending business your way.  She has many clients that cannot tolerate the AFOs, and I suggested that she give her clients your email address and tell them about this wonderful strap.  Thank you for inventing this.  It has changed my life.

Nancy T.,
Hartford, IL

Wow! I placed this order over the weekend, and already it has arrived (Tuesday).
I ordered the Dorsi-Lite and the Dorsi-Strap, and these are such efficient, effective splints. I am amazed at how lightweight they are, yet they WORK and will allow me to wear all kinds of shoes that I haven’t worn in years.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart - for great products and quick shipping!

Bonnie W.,
Durango, CO

My husband Fred had chemotherapy for lung cancer, and as a result, ended up with foot drop in both feet. He was stumbling around here, and even fell three times.  

He was high stepping to keep from tripping. The cancer doctor sent him to a neurologist who told us about a strap that would help (the Dorsi-Strap for Foot Drop).  We went online, found the site, and ordered two. 

The first time, Fred put them on, he walked perfectly normal.  It surprised the folks at the cancer center as well as our family doctor, and the neurologist too.

This is to say we are very happy with the results and have shared the information with the various doctors that could tell others about this wonderful product.

Marva W.,
Seneca, SC

My son met someone who had foot drop problems and was using the “The Dorsi-Strap Foot Drop AFO”.  He purchased one. It helped him to walk better and to avoid stumbling and falling.

In February, my son convinced me to try the Dorsi-Strap.  It was tough getting used to, but the results are outstanding.  After thirty-four years of wearing plastic AFO’s on both legs, I am now free of them.  I have also grown calf muscles that are so big that I cannot wear my old AFO’s.

Burton H.,
Alpharetta, GA

TO: Marcella Durand, Associate editor

I am writing to you in response to your article in the Fall 2008 MOMENTUM Magazine: "Two new devices for foot drop."

I have found a device for foot drop that is much cheaper than the $4,500 or $5,900 devices mentioned in your article.

It is the Dorsi-Strap and it is very affordable, cost is $39.00 + $5.00 shipping.

When I received the Dorsi-Strap, I was able to walk without stubbing my toe for the first time in many years. I went to our monthly MS Meeting wearing the Dorsi-Strap, and took information with me show and to pass out to others. They were all very interested in the products. So much so that one of the ladies, Nancy, ordered one and has used it with great success. After receiving her Dorsi-Strap she called me to tell me that she walks a mile a day now, and her walking has improved at least by 75%. I agreed that my experience using the Dorsi-Strap has also improved by 75% or I could even say 90%. Nancy likes her Dorsi-Strap so much she has bought another one, so she can have it in two pairs of shoes.

What I'm hoping is that you will write an article about the Dorsi-Strap and publish it in MOMENTUM Magazine. I feel like there are many others with MS and foot drop that need to know there's something out there that is very affordable, is easy to install/use, and helps right away.

Jeannette I., Merritt Island, FL
The Dorsi-Strap ROCKS! After 28 years with MS foot drop, your user friendly Dorsi-Strap is most helpful. My walking has improved.

Thank you for your perseverance.

Nancy T., Merritt Island, FL
I bought your Dorsi-Strap for foot drop about 6 months ago and have been delighted with it. I had 3 strokes 2 years ago, and as a result my left side is partially paralyzed. The many doctors and physical therapists I have worked with have insisted I obtain an AFO (brace), and I can't tell you how much harm that thing has done me, or how much it has permanently impaired my recovery.

No doctor or therapist ever made me aware of a device like yours. Shame on them for their negligence! As a result of trying to walk with that terrible AFO I now have permanent atrophy in many of the muscles of my left leg.

With the Dorsi-Strap I walk so much more normally and am allowed to use all the different muscles in my leg. I never needed that antiquated, primitive AFO that went over halfway up my leg and immobilized everything (and left my leg feeling like a dead piece of meat I was swinging along beside me). All I needed was something to raise up my toes a little bit so that they didn't catch on the ground when I was walking. I had no need whatsoever for a brace that immobilized my whole lower leg, ankle, foot and toes - as well as making it impossible for me to walk with any sort of a normal gait.

Lucky for me I finally saw your little ad for the Dorsi-Strap in "Stroke Smart Magazine." I went to your website and decided to try it out. That was one of the best decisions I've made since surviving my stroke.

I wish there was some better way to get the word out about the Dorsi-Strap. I just came upon it by accident. Unfortunately I have found through my own research that physical therapy for stroke patients has barely moved beyond what was being practiced in the 19th century. It's a travesty, really.

Arthur L., San Diego, CA
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Dorsi-Strap. I have Drop Foot as a result of me having MS. Since I have used the Dorsi-Strap for the last month, I am now able to walk without tripping or stubbing my toe. I can now walk for 20 minutes using my cane. I don't always have to use the walker. It is also a big help when walking in the house, keeping me from subbing my toe on the carpet. It's so easy to use and VERY AFFORDABLE. I feel like your Dorsi-Strap will be of GREAT HELP to others with MS, who have drop foot. Thank you so much for inventing such a wonderful item.

Jeannette I., Merritt Island FL
I just wanted to let you know that this purchase will make the 4th Dorsi-Strap that I will have. I truly like the product and it's made my life so much easier than having to wear the clunky old AFO I had before getting the X-Strap Dorsi-Strap. Keep up the good work!

Greg K., Ft. Wayne, IN
Before finding your outstanding Dorsi-Strap I had a $1300 custom made AFO, which hurt, was hard to wear, and took time to lace up. In addition, only certain shoes would work with the custom AFO. Your product is like 300% improvement. I would like to express thanks for helping improve the quality of life for so many customers who have changed from "custom" AFOs to a real AFO - yours!

I am ordering my second Dorsi-Strap. The Dorsi-Strap helps me so much, and it is so much better to use in the heat and humidity. People are so amazed when they see it for the first time. It's interesting to hear everyone's opinion as to how it works. All I know is that it does work, and it has improved my lifestyle. Getting rid of the AFO brace was great. I do not miss it at all. 12 years of it was enough for me.

This Dorsi-Strap is amazing. I'll be ordering for a long time. Keep up the good work you are doing for us all.

M.J.S., Duryea, PA
My daughter had her sciatic nerve removed from her left leg. As a result, she has complete foot drop, and loss of sensation and function below the knee.

The Dorsi-Strap is a very clever invention. So basic and works so well. Now she can continue to wear her athletic shoes with her custom orthotics for support, and have her ankle lifted into proper position. Great idea!

Lynne B., Manassas, VA
I am so pleased with this product (Dorsi-Strap). I suffered a stroke in 2006 and as a result had severe drop foot and internal rotation. I had an AFO made for me and extensive rehabilitation. Nothing compares to what the Dorsi-Strap brace does in less than 5 minutes. I can now walk without the aid of a cane. I have freedom again. I am almost to tears typing this email Thank you so very much!!!! I beg you to please use my feedback. I am so upset that no doctor or orthopedic doctor (and I went to many), told me about the Dorsi-Strap. I did not have insurance at the time of my stroke, and the state of Tennessee paid for my AFO. They could have saved hundreds of dollars if they would have given me the Dorsi-Strap first. Maybe I am an isolated case because of my strong will to walk again, but I accidentally stumbled on to your web site, and we need to get the word out. I even tried Walk-Aide but the doctor said it was not for me, so all hope were lost, I thought. I was just about to spend the $4000.00 for the Walk-Aide out of my own pocket (no insurance company will cover Walk-Aide). So my search began, now I found myself here and I feel that we need to let everyone know of the Dorsi-Strap. Please use my feedback, and I will be a WALKING advertisement for the Dorsi-Strap.

Christopher W., Bartlett, TN
Always a pleasure doing business with you. I absolutely love the Dorsi-Strap, which is so much more comfortable that anything else I've tried. It's the next best thing to getting a new back.

PS - Thanks ever so much for refunding the duplicate postage fees. It's just one more good thing about doing business with you. Best regards,

Wendy P., Niagara Fall, Ontario, Canada
I have used 2 separate products manufactured by X-Strap Systems and found them to be well engineered quality products, and most importantly, they perform excellently. I also experienced quick and accurate help when inquiring about the product. Dealing with this company was a refreshing experience. Your product works great. Thanks for your great service.

E. R. B., Bristol, CT
I have drop-foot and the DORSI-STRAP has freed me from wearing a large, heavy brace.

The DORSI-STRAP is light-weight, simple to wear, and allows me to put my heel down first and raises my toe enough for easy walking. It's an ingenious design that works.

Gloria C., Mill Valley, CA
I received my Dorsi-Strap for my foot drop a few days ago and I just want to thank the person who invented this item. I have had this problem for over 20 years and could never afford to do anything about it until I came across your web site. I have been a working man my whole life and at 57 I find I still have to put in a hard day on my feet to survive. I don't know if you are a religious person or not but I have to say... God Bless You... This device has relieved me of so much daily pain and exhaustion that I feel 10 years younger. Now, instead of always looking for a place to sit, I can stand, maintain my balance again, and the best part is I don't have to look down where I'm walking constantly, so I don't trip. I'm going to order more in the near future.

Thanks Again.

Daniel D., Port St. Lucie, FL
Thank you. The Dorsi-Strap is the greatest invention! I have a custom made AFO that I detest using, but this simple device beats it hands down! Not only can I walk again with a normal stride, but ankle swelling that has plagued me for 3 years has completely gone. I credit this to the fact that the Dorsi-Strap allows my ankle to articulate, something it was unable to do with or without my rigid AFO. After receiving my Dorsi-Strap, I spent 3 days doing a lot of walking at a very large trade show in Boston. Such a simple device has completely eliminated my propensity to catch my toe and fall down. I can now envision hiking again.

Paul W., Hampstead, NH
Thank you for this fantastic product, been wearing for just one morning, what a difference, so much safer for walking, stops the possibility of catching ones foot on the ground, wish I had found this years ago, can't thank you enough.

Bernard N., UK
Hi Mike,

I'm only scratching the surface as to what has transpired since using your fabulous Dorsi-Strap Brace. I'm positive there is a correlation as to the strengthening of the muscles and eliminating the air pockets that accumulate in the ankle/foot arena. Before the application of your Dorsi-Strap my right foot was a numb mass and no matter how hard I tried to release those air pockets was a futile attempt. Now that the vital muscles have become stronger I can rotate my ankle to near extremes, to the left and right, thus creating the capability for a means of air pocket escape. Several times a day I go through that procedure and I'm elated when I hear as well as feel the popping sound which signifies the release of those air pockets. This informs me I'm within a stones throw of being completely healed and through my determination and perseverance assisted by your wonderfully innovative Dorsi-Strap I will reach my goal. I was scheduled for a (postponed) appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Jan. 3, 2008 for a prognosis and after experiencing my positive progression I'm canceling that appointment. Your Dorsi-Strap is all you said it would be and much, much more. It's a real blessing. I could barely navigate. I also felt conspicuous and uncomfortable. My gait is next to being perfect. English scholar's vocabularies do not contain the words I would choose to express to you my gratitude so the simple phrase, I thank you Mike, will have to suffice. I'm sending you a check for a pair of black straps to wear with my black dress shoes because my beautiful lady and I are going out dancing again, a missing part of our lives which we are looking forward to.

Hank W., New Muenster, WI

I wanted to reiterate how satisfied I am with my Dorsi-Straps. I developed drop foot and after looking at your web site I decided to give your straps a try. It takes a little trying until you feel comfortable with the right positioning. It is such a simple well designed product. I have two artificial hips and after recuperating from surgeries I developed drop foot in my left foot. Fortunately I have regained my mobility and your strap has really helped. Thank you again.

Alonso S., Edmond, OK

After wearing a plastic cast that caused blisters on my foot due to not being able to get a really good fit because of a badly fallen arch, this Dorsi-Strap for Foot Drop is such an improvement. I can feel the ground (and floors), I am walking on, and after using the instructions that came with the Dorsi-Strap, I am able to wear shoes other than a tennis shoe. It is working out great for me, and the plastic cast is in the garbage. Your Dorsi-Strap has also helped the pain across the top of my foot and my swollen ankle. My foot doctor suggested using one on my other foot for support to stop my foot "rolling" to the outside due to weakened muscles on the bottom of my foot due to my age. Please use my letter, or any part of it, to make other people aware of the good results I've gotten with the Dorsi-Strap.

Jacqueline B., Johnstown, PA

I just had to write and let you know that because of your Dorsi-Strap, my Dad was able to move his foot easier, and do his exercises better, and 2 days ago, he met me at the door, without the strap! No more drop foot! He is now walking by himself, and DRIVING again! May God bless you for the way you have helped others, I am so grateful to you. Thank you.

Bonnie G., Linwood, NJ

We received the eBay items on Monday, and my mother tried the Dorsi-Lite immediately and she was thrilled with it. She was able to walk a lot better than she has been. She was really impressed with it. She used it a little more over the last two days around the house and she says although it does take some getting used to since her foot has not been kept in that upright position in a while without a pillow, she is really pleased with it.

On Tuesday she wore the Dorsi-Strap to her senior citizens meeting and she was thrilled with the way it kept her foot up so she didn't have to drag it!! Everyone was impressed with how much better she was getting around with her walker since last month's meeting!! I really think that by the time she goes back to the doctor he will be pleased with the progress she is making. She is so happy with your products she's been telling/showing everyone about them... Again...Thank you so much!!

Linda and Margaret G., Woodhull, NY

I have the white Dorsi-Straps already and they're a God-sent! I haven't worn my brace for the drop foot in many years because it's so uncomfortable, and was so glad to find the Dorsi-Strap. I can walk much longer, because I don't have to compensate so much for the drop foot, and my hips and legs don't ache anymore! I showed the Dorsi-Strap to my doctor last time I was there, and he was impressed with its simplicity. Thanks for this great invention!

Connie E., Gainesville, FL

I received the Dorsi Strap Saturday in the mail. That was very fast. My mom absolutely loves it. It is so much better than the hard plastic brace she was wearing. Many, many thanks.

Donna R., Memphis, TN

I've purchased this before and I must say that your Dorsi-Strap™ system is genius! I won't spend my money on anything else. I have recommended it to several other people and they say the same! Thank you so, so very much! A totally satisfied and loyal customer,

Oscar M., Santa Maria, CA

I wanted to thank you for this product. I have dealt with foot-drop for about 10 years and wouldn't wear the braces. I've only worn the Dorsi-Strap for two days and it is a huge difference. Thanks

Robert S., Sioux Falls, SD

I wore the Dorsi Strap for the first time all day yesterday, walking around Downtown Disney a good 5 hours, and it is FANTASTIC! I am so thrilled to have something that is lifting up my foot and making it possible for me to actually roll it from the heel, rather than slapping it on the ground. The whole thing is comfortable, doesn't bother my leg, and is so easy to use! So glad I found this product!

Connie E., Gainsville, FL

Dear Mike: You are my hero! I cannot believe that something so simple works so well for me. I am so happy to put away the hard plastic AFO and begin to rehab my foot. The AFO completely prevents any foot movement, which is why the atrophy happens so quickly.

The Dorsi-Strap is lightweight, comfortable and not as conspicuous...I am very happy! With this Dorsi-Strap I can actually walk with a normal gait for the first time in 11 years. I am so grateful to you...and your ankles that led you to these great ideas. Can't thank you enough.

Kathleen M., Akron, OH

Mike, the product is working, and will be a perfect aid in assisting me in my healing process. I am able to walk normal; and even with a slight limp. Prior to getting your product it was just not a fun experience (any form of drop foot sucks). Well thank you.

Sidney, S., Sicklerville, NJ

I ordered this strap for my dad who had major surgery and was left with the disability of "drop foot" after being confined to a hospital bed for 43 days and then was unable to walk for several more weeks because of the trauma he had endured and his muscles had atrophied so badly. He was fitted with a molded plastic brace that fits inside his shoe and runs down the calf of his leg to the ball of his foot (an AFO). This was too uncomfortable for him and I saw this device online and ordered it for him. I figured what the heck, it was worth the money even if it did not work, I wasn't out much for trying the device. Most of us waste that much money in a week on eating out or shopping.

Dad got his strap yesterday and dearly loves it. He put it on a new pair of tennis shoes and his PT session went really well. He said it is so comfortable and he wears it all the time except to sleep. He thinks this one I got for him is great. I think that this little ray of joy helped his spirits greatly and I appreciate your help in that matter.

It is people like you that make the world a better place for what you are doing to help people who are dealing with these types of handicaps, etc. I would recommend the x-strap to anyone who may have any type of problem that it is used to help and relieve. It is really worth the try to make someone independent again and happy.

My Orthopedic Surgeon wanted the information to pass on to some of his patients since I had so highly recommended it and it is so affordable.

Sincerely, Patricia C., Houston, TX

I have been wearing the Dorsi-Strap™ for three days now and I could not be more pleased. I looked at it when it came in the mail and thought: "Now, why didn't I think of that?" Its concept is so simple.

I have had foot drop for 11 months now due to a pinched nerve in my back and this is certainly better than the other splint I was wearing. I can even walk better. They told me that following surgery last November that it would take a year or more for the nerve to regenerate and I am beginning to think it may never happen. I have a doctor's appointment on October 3 and intend to show them this product and recommend it. I am a retired nurse. This enables me to maybe go back to working per diem in the ER and to continue to respond as a volunteer member of the Ambulance corps.

And do you have some literature I can pass along to the doctor.? I am sure they will be interested. I will be ordering the Dorsi-Lite™ Foot Splint at a later date. It will be helpful when I begin exercising in the pool at the Y, and will help me from falling when I get up in the night half asleep. Thanks again for your wonderful product.

Sincerely, Mary M., Gainsville, NY

Wow! I'm impressed! The DORSI-STRAP prevents the foot slapping that goes with foot drop.

I will pass your name on to my neurosurgeon...the one who sent me to an orthotic business to get the leg brace made (which I don't wear...and the cost was over $400.00).

You said I'd really like it...and you're absolutely right!

Thank you so much!

Nancy W, Pataskala, OH

Dad and I wanted to thank you for the thoughtful response letter. That was very nice of you and it is appreciated. The Dorsi-Strap works well for Dad (90 years old) who is on a walker but now he does not have to lift his large feet (size 13EEE) as high when he walks in order to avoid tripping. This means he can walk further with less fatigue at the hips and knees. Dad has passed the brochure around the retirement center so you may be getting an order or 2 from the same address, different suite.

Rich A., Dallas, TX

I had a stroke 8 years ago and the doctor said it was drop foot. I recently ordered a plastic brace and sent it back. I wore a plastic brace that I got from work and it rubbed, and I work in housekeeping, and am on my feet for hours. I really like the Dorsi-Strap better. It’s so comfortable. Thank you for a nice product. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to show it to my physical therapist.

Thank you again.

Kathy P., Deltona, FL

I have drop-foot and the DORSI-STRAP has freed me from wearing a large, heavy brace.

The DORSI-STRAP is light-weight, simple to wear, and allows me to put my heel down first and raises my toe enough for easy walking. It’s an ingenious design that works.

Gloria C, Mill Valley, CA

The DORSI-STRAP is GREAT!! I can’t thank you enough!

Simple, comfortable, flexible, and I don’t have to buy wide shoes for the plastic AFO!

I’ll be looking forward to checking out the “DORSI-LITE”, when it comes out.

Joe P., Pearl River, NY

My mom is wearing the DORSI-STRAP on her weak foot and says it is great! She is walking like she hasn't in years. The improvement was immediate.

Pam G., Ontario, CANADA

Prior to wearing a DORSI-STRAP, I was wearing a very restrictive calf brace. My foot movement was very limited. I found the DORSI-STRAP on line while looking up foot drop. The product looked interesting, so I ordered one. After wearing the DORSI-STRAP for about a month, I began seeing improvement in the strength of my ankle. Now, I do go times when I don't wear any brace on my ankle at all. I have about 60% usage of my foot now. Thank you for your fine product.

John B. Suttons Bay, MI

Well, my niece loves!!!! her DORSI-STRAP......loves it!!!!...Says that she even forgot that she had a problem, and now walks with her head up instead of looking at the ground so she won't fall!!!!!

Isn't that great!

Pam Cook, Certified Pedorthist, @ PAM'S SHOES and PEDORTHICS, Russellville, AR, Tel: (479) 890-5933

Mike, I just had to tell you this.....a middle-aged man just came in with his wife (we were actually doing a final fitting with the wife on diabetic shoes and custom inserts) when I noticed he was not walking well at all. He had to stop every few steps, and I noticed that his gait was the classic "drop foot" if I ever saw one.

It was quite obvious that they could not afford to buy anything, but I asked him if his leg/foot had ever been looked at by a doctor. He looked at his wife and laughed and said, "Yeah, they've had me in a metal leg brace, a hot plastic AFO, and I could not tolerate either one. I have drop foot and I've learned to just look at the ground, try not to fall, and stop ever so often to look where I'm going."

I asked him if he would try something for me. I put him in a sneaker and donned the DORSI-STRAP. He got up and walked perfectly normally. Seconds after standing and walking, he had the biggest grin come across his face. He kept walking and walking around our store. His wife stated she hadn't seen him walk so normally and far in YEARS!

I really think you have something here........


Pam Cook, Certified Pedorthist, @ PAM'S SHOES and PEDORTHICS, Russellville, AR, Tel: (479) 890-5933

I was bitten by a rattlesnake over forty years ago and, due to the extensive damage, have a drop foot. I walked with a metal brace with the shoe attached and then, in the nineties, a hard plastic brace, as a replacement. They worked, but were cumbersome, hot in the summer, hard to maneuver, and distinctly noticeable.

I recently had the good fortune to stumble upon a new invention, the DORSI-STRAP, that I will call the ‘Invisi-brace’.

I would have never thought something so simple, lightweight, and flexible would do a better job than the old ways of metal and plastic braces! The ease in putting it on is like putting on another sock! It keeps my foot up and does it almost, if not entirely, invisibly yet with the strength and accuracy of the "obsolete" braces. I wish I could thank the inventor personally for allowing me to have my new found freedom!

Sincerely, Juan T., Morrilton, AR

The DORSI-STRAP system works perfectly. It is just amazing – you can have no idea what a difference this will make in my life!

Thank you again so much – This product is truly a Godsend to me!

Joan R., Lynn, MA

I love my X-Strap DORSI-STRAP, thanks for the great invention. I was tired of finding special shoes to accommodate my AFO orthotic. The DORSI-STRAP is also much more comfortable than my AFO. Keep up the good work. Thank you sincerely.

Cindy P., Silverado, CA

Dear Mike: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing me with a product that is helping me tremendously, the DORSI-STRAP.

As you may remember, I called you a few weeks ago because I have foot drop. I found your product on the Internet and decided to order it since I had a big party coming up. It was a lifesaver that evening, and I appreciate the fact that you have developed this product.

I cannot wait for the new product coming out ……(the DORSI-LITE Foot Splint).

Marc K., Hewlett, NY

I decided to wear my Dorsi-Strap at work today. I work at a university library so I have to walk a great deal. I noticed a great improvement in my walking. My foot gets lifted up when I take a step. This is a great! I fell 8 times last year due to my foot dragging. I can take my walks around campus without worrying about falling down. I can't begin to explain how happy I am with your product. I am very weary of trying out products I know nothing about, but I am glad I decided to try the Dorsi-Strap because IT WORKS!

John C., Huntington, WY

The Dorsi-Strap arrived today. I am wearing it right now with my tennis shoes and it sure gives me more freedom of movement than the brace that I was wearing. I can now walk with a normal gait instead of a noticeable limp. I am so happy with it that I am now going to order a black Dorsi-Strap so that I can wear it with my dress shoes at work.

I can't wait to show it off to a fellow worker who also has a drop foot and wears a brace every day. I plan to let her try my Dorsi-Strap for a day and I'll bet that you'll have another customer. I also plan to show it to my orthopedic surgeon next week during my follow-up visit.

By the way, that new Dorsi-Lite sounds wonderful. Put me down for one of those when they become available.
Thanks again, the Dorsi-Strap was definitely worth waiting for.

Don F., Beaverton, OR

The person using the device lives in Egypt, and loves the Dorsi-Strap. He is 95% better, and can walk almost normally.

David E., Lithia, FL

The DORSI-STRAP is working well and is a great help during my re-hab. It is not only functional, but helps me not be as self-conscious about my drop-foot condition.


Tony C., San Antonio, TX

Thanks so much for the beige set for my footdrop. Your DORSI-STRAP product allows me flexibility and strengthening of my foot and leg muscles.

The DORSI-STRAP is perfect for me.

Patty R., Las Vegas, NV

Keep up the good work. My DORSI-STRAP has helped me live a normal life. I was never able to wear my $600 custom brace. It was uncomfortable and didn’t fit into the shoes I like to wear.


Wanetta C., Milwaukee, WI

My husband loves his DORSI-STRAP! Thank you for releasing him from that brace.

C.B., The Villages, FL

"I have been wearing a Dorsi-Strap for the past 9 months. When I was originally diagnosed with foot drop, I was fitted with an AFO, which worked but was very uncomfortable and cumbersome. Since I started using my Dorsi-Strap, I have never used the AFO again! The Dorsi-Strap is much more comfortable, less bulky, practically unnoticeable and affords all the same stability of the AFO". Thanks.

Mike K., Fremont, CA

Hi, my name is Emily and I bought the Dorsi Strap a few months ago. I am so pleased with this product! I had a stroke 7 years ago and have been dragging around heavy braces that don’t fit in my shoes. I love that this enables me to clear my foot when I walk and that I can go back to wearing regular shoes. Thanks so much!!!

Emily A. St. Augustine, FL

Just a short note to let you know how happy I am with my Dorsi Strap. I was wearing a leg prosthesis that went half way up my leg. It was uncomfortable and hot. When I saw the Dorsi Strap advertised I was eager to try it. I have used the Dorsi Strap for 3 months and what a difference. Much more freedom, with the proper support I need. Due to my problem with foot drop I need this to stabilize my ankle. I wear my Dorsi Strap daily, so being able to machine wash this is wonderful. Thanks for the great product.

Joan B., Menifee, CA

My name is Bruce, and I think the Dorsi-Strap footdrop product is fantastic. I have used a lot of products to help with this problem, and I knew, eventually I would find something. After years of struggling, this is it, The Dorsi-Strap. This product is great and very affordable. Thank you.

Bruce M., Reading, PA

I received my first Dorsi-Strap yesterday. I can't believe how much more comfortable it is then the rigid AFO I have been using for my foot drop. The custom AFO cost over $700 and I doubt that I will ever use it again since getting the Dorsi-Strap. It is wonderful and I am in the process of ordering another one today. Thank you for making available this great device.

Val P., Lake Havasu City, AZ

Great job!!! Your work in developing the Dorsi-strap has made walking much easier for me. I have muscular dystrophy resulting in "foot-drop" in both feet. I have used expensive and very uncomfortable molded plastic braces for years. Your product allows me to walk in the comfort of my own shoes. The Dorsi-Strap is without a doubt the way to go. I would highly recommend this product.

Brad A., Ashville, AL

Your Dorsi-Strap is great!

I am very happy with the Dorsi-Strap. It is comfortable and very low profile (I like that!). I was at the doctor’s yesterday and he was very impressed, and was pleased with the price. He kept the paperwork that came with the Dorsi-Strap to show other patients. I hope this helps you with sales, it will definitely help the patients with drop-foot. Thank you for providing the Dorsi-Strap. It has made a world of difference for me in my gait and I'm less self-conscious.

Kathy K., Wolcottville, IA

I have been wearing an AFO for my foot drop for the last four years. It is bulky, uncomfortable and hot. I have been searching for a product to replace my AFO for years. Your product arrived today and I have done extensive walking throughout the day while wearing it. I feel like a kid at Christmas!!!! I can "feel" my foot once again!! I can once again look forward to hiking!!! Your Dorsi-Strap is simply wonderful !!!

Richard D., Randolph, NJ

Thanks for sending the Dorsi-Strap on Mike. I think it does help me keep from falling as often. It is certainly better than my stiff orthotic brace that helps, but doesn't look nearly as good when I'm in shorts as does the Dorsi-Strap. I still manage to think I need to get places faster than I should, and fall if I turn or move faster than I actually can anymore, but it does help reduce my "falling frequency". Thanks again.

Karen P., Blacksburg, VA

I’m very happy with the Dorsi-Strap. I am an R.N. and fascinated by its effect. Am still working about 8 shifts a month on nights where we are mostly old crocks who can't manage the pace of days. I may be ordering another Dorsi-Strap as a back-up in the near future. You are really helping people.

Josie W., Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I developed foot drop because of a back injury. I work at a large hotel in Las Vegas, NV, doing room service. I was originally fitted with a plastic brace that went from my toes to just under the back of my knee. I had a hard time with this brace because of the amount of walking that I do. To deliver food to rooms, I walk between 3 and 7 miles a day in the hotel. The plastic brace chafed my leg and I could not flex my ankle.

I used the Dorsi-Strap on my shift for 8 hours, and it was so much more comfortable. I walked 5 1/2 miles the first day I used the Dorsi-Strap, and have not put the plastic brace on since then. What I like about the Dorsi-Strap is I can flex my ankle and walk a more normal stride.

Bill Q., Las Vegas, NV (a very happy customer).

I prayed for Spiritual Guidance...... and long story short, I was led to your website (x-strap.com).

I just got my first order with a Dorsi-Lite and a Dorsi-Strap. Not believing it would work as well as it did at the first try-on, I told my husband "let's wait and see." I tried the Dorsi-Lite in the house, and found I never wanted to take it off!  In the morning walking barefoot, my foot dropped as usual... I clearly realized the difference in my gait if I had the Dorsi-Lite on. 

I tested the Dorsi Strap while out on a shopping trip. I still took my cane, and used it, not wanting to take a chance on this new, simple device.  But truth be told, my leg felt freer, yet supported. I will try the strap in shoes indoors for a while before I give it another "shopping" test.

The testimonials of your clients are encouraging. They read as though we are all wishing the best for each other.  So.... it looks like my prayers have indeed been answered. Thank you.

Lorraine L., Whitestone, NY

MORE from Lorraine

Two years ago, before I was diagnosed with drop foot and then diabetes, I had never even heard of drop foot.  I was quite alone in this except for the neurologists, physiatrists, podiatrists, orthopedists, orthotists, etc, that suddenly surrounded me.  First there was one AFO, a year later, it was replaced with a pair having a dorsi-flex spring at the ankle.  I gave away ab