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Dorsi-Strap Lite Comments



All customer testimonials displayed in the x-strap.com website were submitted in writing by our customers who have experienced many of the same problems you are facing, and who have found tremendous improvements in their lifestyles as a result of using these products. These testimonials are genuine, and they are documented, and they contain our customers’ words, and their opinions.

We think you'll be impressed.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, and we brought to her the Dorsi Lite Foot Splint. She never saw this device before, only heard about it.

From the moment she put it on she was smiling like a 6-year old boy on his first bike.
She walked around the house with such a huge smile - I never expected such a response.
I would like to congratulate you for a great product with very good user documentation.

Avi W., Israel

Love the Doris-Lite. It's the most comfortable and easy-to-use brace I have found.
John M., Peosta, IA

I have used a lot of different braces.
My last brace was a $7500 carbon fiber custom fitted brace. It helped with the foot drop, but has impeded my mobility somewhat. I had another brace that had a small strap that connected from my ankle to my shoe. The only problem is that it kept creeping down and then it lost the tension on the strap.
I think the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint solves that problem. I also like that I can use the Dorsi-Lite when I’m not wearing shoes.
Thank you.
Lee G., Bourbonnais, IL

I received my Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint in the mail today. Thank you again for your prompt and
professional service.

I have been struggling with the physical and psychological effects from a CVA in the Medulla for two and a half years. The Dorsi-Lite has transformed my life. You and your product have done more than dozens of neurologists, Neuro Physios, Pyschologists, etc. All that time and money wasted, when the Dorsi-Lite was the answer all along. You seriously need to get this product into main stream stroke rehabilitation in Australia. It can save lives, get people back to living again and back to work.

I do not know how to thank you enough except by letting as many health and allied health professional's know about this product. Whoever designed this device should be canonized.
I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I am going to.

Paul Jenkins, Bridgewater, South Australia

I love the Dorsi-Lite product! After having to deal with Drop Foot for 10 years, I was becoming a cripple.

I would like to express my gratitude and praise for both "Dorsi-Strap" products that have made me walk almost 100% normal. THESE PRODUCTS REALLY WORK.
I am very pleased to share this with any prospective customers that are suffering from drop foot.

Londy B., Ocala, Florida

I'm a big man, weighing 270 pounds. When I fell and got drop foot I never thought I would walk normally again.


With the Dorsi-Strap PRO I'm able to do things I did before I fell. I feel great. And I'm 74 years old.

Ken P., Dayton, OH

I am so thrilled with your products. I have no idea why I have footdrop - it came on so gradually that I was quite unaware of it - although I did notice I was tripping over frequently and also stubbing my big toe if in bare feet. I am kicking myself (or would if I could!) that I waited so long before seeking out some sort of foot support - I can only think it was because I thought those clunky plastic calliper things were the only option, and I didn't want to wear one of those.
I feel so much more confident with my walking now, using the Dorsi-Lite, and a number of people have commented about my improved gait. I am so pleased. Thank you again!
Will definitely be back for more of your products soon - I would like to have some spares handy.
Anne A., Australia

I just wanted to let you know how I’m doing with the Dorsi-Lite. All I can say is that it has made a huge improvement in my walk, and more importantly, the lifespan of my shoes has increased dramatically!! I haven’t tripped up or fallen since I received Dorsi-Lite almost 6 weeks ago.
It is very comfortable and can be used in all my laced shoes! Sometimes I don’t realize that I’m wearing it!
As far as I’m aware there is nothing as good as the Dorsi-Lite available in Ireland.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for creating Dorsi-Lite and keep up the fantastic work you’re doing. It has made a massive improvement for me.

John M., Ireland

I just can’t thank you enough!

I’ve just returned from a visit to my doctor after ordering and wearing the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint. He was as amazed and delighted by the improvement it made in my walking, as I was.

I also had shown it to my physical therapist, and he too was as excited as I am.

Neither one had seen the Dorsi-Lite before, and both thanked me for introducing it to them.

Shirley R., Havertrown, PA

Thank you very much for selling this product, it’s a life saver.

eBay Customer benhoj  (Ben)

It is a miracle product.
I ordered it and it arrived in 4 business days.
I thought that was incredible, then I used it, and I was able to walk straight again for the first time in 6 years. I can hardly wait to walk into that Doctor's office.

Joseph O, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

I bought the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint this past year and it is an absolute life saver.

I suffered a knee injury when I played football, which not only tore all my ligaments, but also damaged a nerve (Peroneal) resulting in drop foot. This product fits comfortably in my shoe, and I can walk normally.

David H., Tempe, AZ

I feel compelled to tell others about this marvelous product. I have a peripheral nerve disease and a drop foot. Then, in an accident I broke the ankle and leg on that side. After I healed I was sent to a clinic for an AFO. They gave me an $1100.00 disaster that ended up in the dumpster. Painful, wouldn't fit in my shoes, made one hip higher than the other, hot, just downright awful.

On a whim I decided to try the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint.  What freedom it has given me! It enables me to walk very well. It fits in most of my shoes...even my zip all the way down fashion boots. Days of high heels and skimpy shoes were over anyway. But I can find all kinds of good-looking shoes that work with this product. I even ordered a spare, in case this one wears out or breaks. I can't be without it.

Ann G., Sheffield, IL

I just wanted to tell you I've been wearing the Dorsi-Lite for several weeks and it has made a tremendous improvement in my walking. I have MS and a dropped foot. I have tried every device the neurologist suggested. I even paid $400 for an AFO, a useless piece of equipment and even bigger waste of money. The AFO is impossible to use.

I love the Dorsi-Lite. The Dorsi-Lite slips right into my sneaker and I hardly notice it's there. I can also drive with it, something you cannot do with an AFO. When I return to the neurologist in a few months, I plan to show him this and insist he recommend this to other patients.

Thank you so much!

Teresa F., Winchendon, MA

The Dorsi-Lite works just fine, no problems. It’s a very ingenious idea.

Sandra G., Fullerton, CA

I had an accident a few years ago, and as a result I have a drop foot. I had to have a foot support made (414 Euros) that made my foot sweat like mad. I also had to buy extra wide shoes, and I got blisters on my toes.

Then I was told about your site and I ordered the Dorsi-Lite. Now I have no sweaty feet, I can wear my own size shoes, and have NO BLISTERS. And I Nearly forgot: it’s great to put the Dorsi-Lite into a hiking boot for sailing. I can go out in my boat again with confidence.

Thank you very much for the Dorsi-Lite. And thank you for being there. You gave me back my life.

Bernard N., Wexford, IRELAND

When I first got my drop foot from nerve damage in my left foot I was really limping about. I was given a prosthetic AFO brace that ran halfway up my leg. I live in S. California and wear shorts every day and was embarrassed wearing the brace.
Then I discovered the DORSI-LITE Foot Splint on eBay, and it was perfect.

It’s hardly noticeable, and I walk near normal as it holds the foot up. I have two, and when I go in the ocean or pool, I wear a water shoe and it also holds my foot up. It’s a great one-of-a-kind invention, and I wear them every day at work and at the gym.

Thanks Dorsi-Lite, you changed my life for the better.

Robert L., Dana Point, CA

I am happy with the Dorsi-Lite. I plan to order a 2nd Dorsi-Lite this week with a couple of spare straps. I have never had a brace so light, but which helps me to walk almost normally. This summer was hot, and I have noticed the comfort from less heat and sweat. I have even able to buy shoes that I haven't been able to wear for years, in my correct size. There's nothing worse than having the other shoe slipping and slopping, and looking like I'm wearing clown shoes.

Thanks heaps for a lighter, shorter, cooler and better fitting footdrop brace. I can't believe the difference it has made.

Chrissy S., Glenmore Park, NSW, Australia

The Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint is absolutely marvelous. For years, I've walked around my house barefoot by raising my knee up high and trying not to trip too often. Braces I tried over the years just didn't work, or weren't comfortable. From the moment I figured out how to put the Dorsi-Lite on and adjust it properly, I've been walking normally. It's so comfortable; I don't want to take it off. I'll probably sleep in it too!

I also wanted to let you know that the Dorsi-Strap Pro works better and is more comfortable than any other brace I've used over the many years I've had foot drop. It always does its job.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much.

Katherine T., Minneapolis, MN

I just wanted to say that I live in Australia and only ordered my Dorsi-Lite splint last Monday and 7 business days later it has arrived, and for the first time in 3 years I am able to take a barefooted walk outdoors without the fear that I may slip or fall.

Thank you. I know this is going to be the best ever investment I have made.

Marina G., Warrnambool, Australia

I purchased the DORSI-LITE 4 months ago. I bought it so I would have something to use when I wasn't using ELECTRIC STIMULATION.

I LOVE THE DORSI-LITE because I can wear it barefoot, or in stocking feet, or in the water, and when working outdoors in the yard. I don't have to worry if it gets dusty, dirty or wet (UNLIKE ELECTRONICS).

I like that it keeps my foot up so I do not trip and fall. With an AFO, I would fall sometimes, and my other leg would hurt from using it.

If you have one of the ELECTRIC STIMULATION DEVICES, I recommend that you also have the DORSI-LITE. It gives you more FREEDOM.


Ernie R., Cumberland, RI

I am writing to tell you that inserts that were made for me for the plantar fasciitis I have are not comfortable.  As you know, when one has plantar fasciitis, there can be no pressure on the heel of the foot.  Well, the podiatrist made me the most awful inserts, and I don’t wear them.

So what to do? I am wearing the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint in my sneaker and voila! No pressure on my heel, and I am comfortable!!!
I, of course, use the splint every night as well, and I am hoping to avoid surgery. I know it takes time to heal, but at least I am not always in pain now that I have the Dorsi-Lite.
Thank you.

Havivah G.
Rramat Bet Shemesh, Israel

This was the best investment I have made since my car.
Light weight, and fits right into my sneakers, and comfortable to sleep with.
My doctor was amazed, and approved of it instead of the bulky AFO.
Many, many thanks,

Shelton G., Brooklyn, NY

I got the Dorsi-Lite today from you. Just to tell you, I was very impressed with the speedy delivery and with the quality of the splint. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks.

I'm heading off to work now with it, and I can't believe the difference between the Dorsi-Lite and what I was wearing (a Dictus splint).

Thanks again.


This is a testimonial of how utterly STUNNING the Dorsi-Strap and the Dorsi-Lite products are.

I suffer from 2nd degree M/S, which makes life impossible sometimes, with drop foot, etc.
I was on the internet looking for solutions for drop foot (in desperation). I saw products that would cost nearly $5000, and thought there has to be something better. A bit more scouring and I came across the X-Strap web page. I said to my wife “Shall I give it a go?”

Firstly I got the DORSI-STRAP, put it on (which was simple). I had it for 2-days, then went for my big trial walk. Instead of "nearly falling” over 5/6 times, the result was 0 falls. I could not believe it !!!!
Then I asked her “Shall I go for the DORSI-LITE now?” I went for it... Within 2 days of having it on I am now fully mobile. Living in Miami, it’s a true Godsend.

 These are superb products, which have totally changed my life.

Frank U., Miami, FL

I received the Dorsi-Lite foot splint yesterday. I wore it last night to sleep, and am wearing it today at work. Let's just say it simple. Why did I have to spend $300 for a custom made orthotic leg thing?

I slept without having to try to brace my foot up with my other foot, and today walking around at work, I have yet to trip. People in my office have already commented "looks like your back is feeling good today" because they are used to seeing me limp a bit, and are used to hearing my foot "flop" when I'm walking. That says a lot to me!

If something works, it works. If it didn’t, I would tell you the truth. I don’t really know how to express my appreciation, and I don’t understand why my Neurologist, or anyone else in the medical field, doesn’t at least say, “Well, if you can’t afford that, try this! “ Anyway – I’m happy, so far.


Jay M., Holtsville, NY

Just to let you know that the Dorsi-Lite is the best yet, either with or without my shoes.

I was to see my doctor yesterday and gave him all the information I had downloaded from your web site. He was overwhelmed by the product, and the ease with which it is put on. He is going to forward the information to other doctors he is in touch with.

Again, thanks for making my walking as normal as it was before.

Eric A., Manitoba, Canada

The Dorsi-Lite was an excellent buy. It works great. People cannot notice my foot drop at all when I have this product on. Furthermore, it can be worn comfortably with shorts, or jeans, because of the slick design.

The Dorsi-Lite works well. I put it on right away when I opened it up, and I haven’t used anything else since.

I would recommend this product to anyone with a foot drop problem. I would also like to add that the service of this company was excellent.

Michael M. Porterville, CA

I just purchased your Dorsi-Lite, and it is great.

I can walk so much more, and normally. It is much more attractive than my old brace, and so comfortable.

Thank you for your website.

Mary T., Dayton, OH

My daughter had her sciatic nerve removed from her left leg. As a result, she has complete foot drop, and loss of sensation and function below her knee.

We are so very impressed with the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint. My daughter loves the fact that it is not very bulky and will work while wearing her sandals. She would rather wear the Dorsi-Lite than her custom brace! Great idea!

Lynne B., Manassas, VA

Thank you so much for sending the Dorsi-Lite so promptly. It has transformed the way I walk – no more “swinging” my leg out to make up for my foot drop. The Dorsi-Lite is comfortable and light to wear. I use it inside a shoe for easier walking outside.

Deborah H., Hertford, England

I have been using the Dorsi-Lite for about 3 years now, and I have found it to be a wonderful alternative to the standard big, bulky, and uncomfortable AFO. The Dorsi-lite gives me all the support I need to walk and function normally with my foot drop.

I would recommend the Dorsi-lite to anyone with these needs.

Lyn S., Katy TX

I am very pleased with my Dorsi-Lite. It is lightweight and extremely comfortable. It works well and performs much better than I expected. The non-stretch ban included in the set is particularly useful. Many thanks for an excellent product. It has made a real difference.

Chris C. UK

In 1983 I was involved in a car accident that left me with severe brain trauma, which resulted in drop foot, and other problems, as well. Since then I’ve tried almost every brace out there for my foot drop, but unfortunately they didn’t work, or I just couldn’t wear them due to comfort problems.

Then I found the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint. The Dorsi-Lite is so easy to use, and it’s lightweight and breathable, and stays cool (I live in Florida). I’d like to say that the Dorsi-Lite is the best thing I’ve found in 25 years of being disabled, and I would recommend it to anyone. I love it, especially for use in bed.

Christopher F., Altamont Springs, FL

The Dorsi-lite has transformed my life, allowing me to walk almost normally, and I couldn’t do without it.
Thanks again for your very good service.

Ian L., QLD, Australia

I want to thank you so very much.  I not only have foot drop, but I recently had extensive surgery on my foot - tendon releases, transfer, and removal of bones in four toes with pinning. 
Now that all the hardware is out of my foot, I am able to walk - except walking has been extremely difficult without toe movement along with foot drop.  I thought it was something I was going wrong - it wasn't.

I just put the Dorsi-Lite on, and the difference is remarkable!  I cannot get over how much easier walking is. And not only is my foot drop halted, walking with the post-op issues is much easier. 
Thank you so much!

Kathleen M., Lexington, NC

Your products are great, simple, and inexpensive.
They have really helped me.

K. C., Westport, CT

This is the second one I purchased- it is nice to wear because I can use it at night when I am sleeping. I also used it on vacation at the beach, and in the water.

I would recommend this product to anyone with a dropped foot condition.

Frederick S., Oriskany, NY

I found your website, and it has changed my mum’s life. She suffers from drop foot and has had difficulty even getting around the house, and has fallen on numerous occasions. But since getting the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint she can get around without her stick. I wish I had found it earlier, she would have had a lot less accidents.

Caroline Q., Leeds, UK

I recently purchased the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint and Dorsi-Strap Pro for my husband for his foot drop problem. These products are wonderful for people who suffer from foot drop.

He is able to use the Dorsi Lite in the pool for his exercises and finally walk around the house in his bare feet.

The Dorsi-Strap Pro is awesome! He had been wearing the rigid AFO but his leg atrophy was worsening and was making indentations in his calf (not to mention how hot and uncomfortable it is to wear in the summer time). Now with the Pro I am hoping that his leg will strengthen. I will be ordering a couple more just to have around when his new one needs replacing.

Thanks for making your product available to those with foot drop. I am so glad I searched the internet and found your company!!!

Rose T., Antioch, CA

I have owned a Dorsi-Lite for almost 2 years now. I’ve been very grateful for your products.

I developed foot drop two years ago during a difficult pregnancy, but we couldn’t afford expensive orthopedic products. I used the Dorsi-Strap most of the time. I’ve recovered much of the use of my foot, but not completely. If I don’t sleep in the Dorsi-Lite, then I can’t sleep because of pain, so thank you!

Susan B., No. Richland Hills, TX

I bought the Dorsi-Lite a few days ago. I have foot drop due to MS and my right foot is swollen and painful. As soon as I wore the Dorsi-Lite my pain ceased--for the first time in years! I ordered another one for my left foot. Thank you for the dorsi-Lite which is much better than a brace--lightweight and not awkward at all. I recommend it highly if your feet are dropped.

Lena R., New York, NY

I love my X-Strap; I've tried many different kinds, but this one is definitely the most comfortable.

Adele C., Philadelphia, PA

I am completely satisfied with my Dorsi-Lite. Thank you very much.

Judith S.,
Carlinville, IL

Just to let you know, my wife has about 6 different devices to help control her foot drop following a stroke 2 years ago, including the Bio-Ness, and she finds the Dorsi-Lite without doubt the easiest, most comfortable, and most efficient to use. So thank you for that. Kind regards.

Chris S.,
Leicestershire, UK

I had an accident two months ago and left the hospital wearing an AFO.

I was searching “foot drop” information, when I came across the products of X-Strap. It appeared too good to be true, so I called and spoke with the owner. He assured me that I had a 30 day period to try the products and could then return them.

Using something lighter and less cumbersome seemed too good to be true. When the Dorsi-Strap arrived, I read the instructions and found them very easy to follow. I put the Dorsi-Strap on and was thrilled. My walk improved immediately. I could move so much more easily without the bulky AFO.

I also ordered the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint for use while I work, relax, sleep, or just need to jump up to get something. Until its arrival, I was wearing a clumsy boot to sleep in (that often disturbed me during the night). I work on my laptop on my bed during the day, so keeping the AFO on was rubbing the side of my foot. The Dorsi-Lite allows me to keep the ankle in the correct position without the bulk or discomfort. When I need to move around the house, it is so comfortable to be able to move again without considering if I need to remove the night brace, add the AFO, or just be prepared to limp along.

It is wonderful to find such great alternatives while I’m healing. It makes the whole thing so much more bearable. Great affordable products that do the trick. Thanks!

Andrea S.,
Sherman Oaks, CA

I purchased a Dorsi-Lite and a Dorsi-Strap from you recently, and just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with them both - they are comfortable, work well and are easy to fit.

Ian L. Mt. Barker,
South Australia

I received the Dorsi-Lites. My son loves them. He uses them for his drop feet and says they are sooooo comfy. I will most likely be purchasing other items for him soon from your company that will help him.

Gloria M.,
Temecula, CA

Wow! I placed this order over the weekend, and already it has arrived (Tuesday).
I ordered the Dorsi-Lite and the Dorsi-Strap, and these are such efficient, effective splints. I am amazed at how lightweight they are, yet they WORK and will allow me to wear all kinds of shoes that I haven’t worn in years.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart - for great products and quick shipping!

Bonnie W.,
Durango, CO
Thank you so much!
I had to let you know how much the Dorsi-Lite foot Splint has helped me.
I broke a small bone in my left and right foot a couple years ago, and did not realize it for over a year, the Podiatrist had me wear a black boot cast for 30 days on my left foot up to my knee, then I was supposed to wear it on my right foot, which had started to bother me with heel pain, I did not do it because I could not drive with it on. Consequently I got plantar Fasciitis, and have been suffering for over a year as a result, I went back to the Dr. got a shot, and wore the boot faithfully for a full 30 days day and night, when I took it off last month nothing had changed except now I had knee pain from wearing it, along with the heel pain, I could hardly walk from the pain when I ordered this.
Now, with the Dorsi-Lite, I have been able to walk without pain for the first time in over a year! This item seems to be the miracle I had prayed for! I can hardly believe wearing something so simple at night could change the quality of my life! Thanks again!

Verla N.

I have been a sufferer of foot drop for well over three years now, and have been through quite my fair share of braces over the years.
Up until March of this year, I was having to wear an AFO that was only operable while I wore tennis shoes. Needless to say, wearing shoes got tiresome after a while, especially hanging out around the couch, and definitely when you're on the beach. It's embarrassing having to wear a pair of tennis shoes with a bathing suit!

I finally found the Dorsi-Lite after a few Google searches, and fell in LOVE immediately!
If I want to lounge around the house in my PJs, then I actually can now without wearing shoes! This product has been a wonderful commodity to own, and has probably saved me from quite a few falls. Tripping over your own feet is absolutely no fun at all, and I feel a lot safer now having my Dorsi-Lite while walking bare-footed in the house. It's super easy to put on and take off too.

Again, all my thanks for developing such a wonderful product that helps make each one of my days just a little bit easier.

Bravo to you all, and thank you for thinking of us! I still can't thank you enough for your help...Two thumbs up for wonderful and thoughtful service!!

Julie S., Hubert, NC

I just wanted to let you know the Dorsi-Lite arrived on Friday. I have been wearing it on and off over the weekend and it has worked very well.  It performs much better than I expected. I did have to switch to the non stretch band over the foot as was thoughtfully suggested and included in the set. Very well thought out!

You may remember I have MS and have a 'WalkOn' carbon rigid brace for footdrop so I will definitely consider trying your Dorsi-Strap product instead in the near future.

Anyway I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Dorsi-Lite and wish you great success with your products.  I know a lot of people with MS who may benefit from these. I also go to the UBC MS Clinic in Vancouver every few months, so will be sure to tell the staff there too. It is so nice to have something I can wear in the house without shoes to help prevent those nasty falls!!!

Thanks again for the great product, it has more than met my expectations.

Susan K., Surry, BC, Canada
I have been using the Dorsi-Lite foot splint for a few weeks now. You cannot imagine the relief my foot has felt, not having to be squashed into a shoe with a brace on the foot. I wish I had found these items earlier, but at least now I have them.

Believe me, I can never thank you enough for these items.

I have been showing the Dorsi-Lite off to anyone that will listen. I wish I could spread the word to other people that could use these, but I do not know anyone else with a dropped foot. My prosthetic guy has been ripping me off so badly. I feel like buying few of these and handing them out to people in front of his store.

Thank you again.

Mary Jane S.,
Duryea, PA
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for making my life safer and easier.

Ever since I ordered my first Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint, wow, what a difference. I don't fall near as often as I did before. If I have a choice, I hardly ever wear shoes when I am at home, and with drop foot you have to wear your brace all the time. The one that the doctor had me fitted for is so big and bulky and heavy, and it only fits in tennis shoes. When I was told about your website and I tried the Dorsi-Lite, what a great idea. I can go without shoes now around the house. I am so pleased with it.

So when I looked up your site again to order another Dorsi-Lite, I decided to also order the Dorsi-Strap for Foot Drop because with it I can wear different style shoes instead of always wearing tennis shoes. I look forward to getting the Dorsi-Strap. I'm so excited. And as pleased as I am with the Dorsi-Lite, I just know I will love the Dorsi-Strap as much. So, once again, thank you so much from someone light on her feet once again.

Peggy M., Canton, OH
I would like to tell you how well the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint worked for me. I suffer from foot drop due to a neurological condition. The Dorsi-Lite allows me to move around the house without wearing a bulky brace and shoe. It is great to walk around in my home barefoot again!! The Dorsi-Lite is easy to wear and is very comfortable. I would recommend the Dorsi-Lite to others who suffer from foot drop.

Dale B., Louisville, KY
Thank you so much for the Dorsi-Lite product. It arrived very quickly. I have had a bad rugby accident and cannot lift my foot. I have a brace to fit in my shoe but the Dorsi-Lite product has really helped me around the house and for when I go swimming.

Thanks again.

Sarah D., Newport, UK
I love your product (Dorsi-Lite). Since wearing it, I haven't had a fall. My walking has improved greatly. I only wish that I had had it in my possession over the last two years, it would have helped. I strongly recommend you to anyone that has dropped foot problems. Also, my surgeon is thoroughly impressed.

Thank you for your wonderful idea.

Robin A., Eminence, KY
Thanks for the Dorsi-Lite. I can go barefooted around the house and swim again. Wow! I have to try the Dorsi-Strap.

William R., Pago Pago, AS

Dear Mike, Thank You. I am thrilled that I have been able to go in the ocean this summer in spite of my drop foot (using the DORSI-LITE™). Thanks again.

Kathy H., Philadelphia, PA

I just wanted you to know that the Dorsi-Lite arrived today and my Dad is thrilled! It does exactly what you say it will! They are so happy with this!

Now when he goes to bed, he doesn't have to prop his foot with pillows and be uncomfortable.

Thank you so much again, my Mother says thank you too!

Bonnie G., Atlanta, GA

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy I am with the Dorsi-Lite. This is the first brace I have found to be comfortable and stay on while I sleep. I have foot drop and was wearing a big brace prior, which fell off every night, and went half way up my leg. The Dorsi-Lite is small and NEVER has come off. Just great!! It did take me a little while to build up to wearing it all night, but that’s normal with braces !

Thanks again.

Debbie M. McMechen, WV

I am keeping the second DORSI-LITE to demonstrate to several people that are interested. I have shown it to my P. T. who was quite impressed. He showed me other devices a bit more sophisticated, which we both took as a negative.

My orthopod is quite curious. I will see him next week and get feedback to pass on to you. It fills the bill for me. Great for swimming, as I don’t feel I am dragging this wet fish of a foot behind me. Easy to sleep with and I find my foot is not as swollen and fallen when I awake. So, so far, so good.

Thank you for your help.

Evelyn B., Venice, FL

I just wanted to tell you how much I like the DORSI-LITE foot splint I received from you last week. It has made my life so much easier. I use it to replace the splint I wear during work hours when I get home. It is light weight and is comfortable to wear without shoes or with more comfortable bedroom shoes at home, just as you stated.

I no longer have cramps in my leg at night as I also sleep with the splint. I had another splint I slept with at night, but is was bulky/heavy under my foot and sometimes caused me to trip. Again, let me say how much I like the splint and appreciate all your help in receiving it such a timely manner.

Brenda S., Albany, GA

Dear X-Strap Systems,

I have foot drop due to multiple sclerosis. I recently received the DORSI-LITE system from you. From beginning to end the service was wonderful. The DORSI-LITE™ is beneficial for foot drop and I would recommend it to anyone suffering from this condition. Thanks for your assistance and wonderful product.

Sincerely, O. B., Houston, TX

I couldn't be happier with my Dorsi-Lite. I had tried another night splint, and while it was comfortable enough, it made my foot so hot that I couldn't wear it more than a couple hours. The Dorsi-Lite covers so little of my foot that it stays nice and cool and I was able to wear it all night long from the very first. After only a few nights, I am noticing a decrease in heel pain, and I know it will just keep getting better. It is also really nice to be able to walk on it when I need to get up in the night. I would recommend the Dorsi-Lite in a heartbeat!

Lorraine D., Modesto, CA

I have used 2 separate products manufactured by X-Strap Systems (Dorsi-Lite and Dorsi-Strap) and found them to be well engineered quality products, and most importantly, they perform excellently. I also experienced quick and accurate help when inquiring about the product. Dealing with this company was a refreshing experience. Your product works great. Thanks for your great service.

E. R. B., Bristol, CT

I am excited to have found the "X-Strap Systems" web site and the innovative devices it offers people with foot drop. Having suffered a rapid decline in a medical condition in mid-1996, I have dealt with significant foot drop since that time and have sought to find innovative products to wear on occasions where one does not want to wear (in my case) knee high AFOs for up to 12 hours a day. The Dorsi-Lite foot splint is an exciting alternative to AFOs, particularly because as it advertises, one feels like they have nearly a normal gait when they walk, it's light and it does not stick to your skin. Over the years I have worn ankle support tensors every day of my life to try and minimize the foot drop in bare feet and even went as far as designing myself an ankle brace to also try and deal somewhat with footdrop. In Canada, I have not seen any product such as this and I encourage others affected by drop foot to try it - it comes highly recommended by me. It's nice to know there are entrepreneurs out there willing to put innovative products on the market - the buyers are out there! Kudos to X-Strap Systems."

Maureen. C., Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

I prayed for Spiritual Guidance...... and long story short, I was led to your website (x-strap.com).

I just got my first order with a Dorsi-Lite and a Dorsi-Strap. Not believing it would work as well as it did at the first try-on, I told my husband "let's wait and see." I tried the Dorsi-Lite in the house, and found I never wanted to take it off!  In the morning walking barefoot, my foot dropped as usual... I clearly realized the difference in my gait if I had the Dorsi-Lite on. 

I tested the Dorsi Strap while out on a shopping trip. I still took my cane, and used it, not wanting to take a chance on this new, simple device.  But truth be told, my leg felt freer, yet supported. I will try the strap in shoes indoors for a while before I give it another "shopping" test.

The testimonials of your clients are encouraging. They read as though we are all wishing the best for each other.  So.... it looks like my prayers have indeed been answered. Thank you.

Lorraine L., Whitestone, NY

MORE from Lorraine

Two years ago, before I was diagnosed with drop foot and then diabetes, I had never even heard of drop foot.  I was quite alone in this except for the neurologists, physiatrists, podiatrists, orthopedists, orthotists, etc, that suddenly surrounded me.  First there was one AFO, a year later, it was replaced with a pair having a dorsi-flex spring at the ankle.  I gave away about 200 pairs fro my beautiful shoes and boots collection, and was relegated to wearing unattractive orthopedic shoes and sneakers two sizes larger and wider to fit over the orthotic.  Dragging around 4 or 5 extra pounds around my ankle, dropped my foot further, but the specialists all said I should wear the AFO continually. 
"But won't continuous wearing atrophy my leg muscles?"  Never an acknowledgement of that.

As the other leg weakened from dragging the dropped foot, and as my body misaligned due to the limping, symptoms were summarily treated rather than the root cause:  the drop foot.  The specialists and experts ran every blood test, MRI, EMG you could name - even back surgery - and found no cause for the weakening of the body, so it was determined that I must have ALS, a motor neuron disease, Lou Gehrig disease, in the absence of any other cause found.

Now, you cannot tell me that everyone who has drop foot and who drags around 4 - 5 pounds on that foot and therefore misaligns and weakens the entire body has the debilitating ALS.  What you can tell me is "Too Many Cooks Always Spoil The Broth".  Consequently, my prayers to be guided on a true, simplified healing path, and eventually being led to X-Strap's products and its encouraging customer testimonials.

So here I am trying the wonderful Dorsi Strap in a pair of sneakers I kept.  For added inspiration, my husband bought me the first pair of non-orthopedic dress flats I've seen in a year.  These two years have left my right quad quite weak and my back is still unsteady.  But I think an hour or two of daily exercise and practice wearing the strap will make a world of improvement.

Thank you.

Always Allegro,

We received the eBay items on Monday, and my mother tried the Dorsi-Lite immediately and she was thrilled with it. She was able to walk a lot better than she has been. She was really impressed with it. She used it a little more over the last two days around the house and she says although it does take some getting used to since her foot has not been kept in that upright position in a while without a pillow, she is really pleased with it.

On Tuesday she wore the Dorsi-Strap to her senior citizens meeting and she was thrilled with the way it kept her foot up so she didn't have to drag it!! Everyone was impressed with how much better she was getting around with her walker since last month's meeting!! I really think that by the time she goes back to the doctor he will be pleased with the progress she is making. She is so happy with your products she's been telling/showing everyone about them... Again...Thank you so much!!

Linda and Margaret G., Woodhull, NY