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Dorsi-Strap Pro Comments


All customer testimonials displayed in the x-strap.com website were submitted in writing by our customers who have experienced many of the same problems you are facing, and who have found tremendous improvements in their lifestyles as a result of using these products. These testimonials are genuine, and they are documented, and they contain our customers’ words, and their opinions.

We think you'll be impressed.


Thanks for your invention. My son (13 yrs. old) is recovering from Guillian Barre Syndrome, and the Dorsi-Strap PRO has been a blessing to us.
His walking gait is more natural, the PROs are comfortable, and he doesn't have to rely on the uncomfortable AFO's that are also very expensive.
The PRO gives him freedom, and let's him feel more like a kid again.
Thanks so much!

A. Palumbo, Westlake, Ohio


I just want to thank you for this awesome product. I just bought it and started walking non-stop, and
now I can run.

Thanks a lot. I was suffering and crying every day, and about to quit my job, until I found this marvelous product.


Mary Jane Sabuto    

Just wanted to let you know I received my new Dorsi-Strap PRO today. I was so excited. Thank you so much for all your help and for all you do to help people like me. 

The last time I had one of those old hard braces made up, about seven or eight years ago, the price was about $1800. Sure insurance pays for some of it, but with Medicare I had to pay 20%. That's not cheap! If the price difference doesn’t make people want to try The Dorsi-Straps instead of rigid braces, then the ease of putting them on, and the comfort, sure should.

I am so thankful I found your ad online. I have been using the PRO for about seven years, at least, and never want to go back to that hard plastic brace. This Dorsi-Strap PRO is such a blessing. With the old brace, I would never wear shorts in the summer, it was so uncomfortable, not to mention a bit embarrassing. Now with the PRO, it's hardly noticeable.

Thanks, again for this product. I hope you know how much it is appreciated. It has changed my life so much. Hard to believe, but it's true. Please keep up the great job you are doing. I will recommend your items to anyone.

Mary Jane S., Duryea, PA

I just wanted to let you know that your Dorsi-Strap PRO is wonderful. It fits snugly and holds my foot in place perfectly. I now walk without terrible pain in my leg.
I am so glad I purchased your product and I'm only sorry I didn't get it earlier. It would have saved me many days of walking around in severe pain.
Thank you so much.

Brian D., Arlington, VA

The Dorsi-Strap PRO is an amazing product!

I was in a severe motorcycle accident that should have taken my leg, but doctors saved it. It left me with permanent nerve damage and I now have foot drop to its fullest. No movement up or to the right what so ever.

They put me in an expensive AFO and I had to get larger shoes to fit it. It's hot in the summer in AZ and they are not comfortable at all. Bulky and I don't walk right with them.

Then I found Dorsi-Strap PRO. Back to regular shoes. Active lifestyle of fishing and being able to be a more regular dad with my boys. My walk is no longer a limp and people don't notice a limp in my walk anymore.

These Dorsi-Strap PROs were truly a god send, and have blessed me greatly.
Highly recommend to anyone needing one.
Tom E., AZ

I am a customer of X-Strap Systems, and not paid to write this review. This review comes from my love of the product and desire for everyone with foot drop to get a product that helps you walk as close to normal again.

For anyone with foot drop who wants to avoid that huge bulky AFO, and get some sense of normalcy back when they walk, this product is a must have. I found X-Strap Systems after doing some research on braces for foot drop, and man have I been happy. I have the huge and bulky AFO that required me to purchase two different size shoes, only to still be limited in my movement when trying to walk, and not even mentioning the stupid clicking sound that thing made every time I took a step.

 The DORSI-STRAP PRO has literally been a life saver for me!

My emotional state was horrible after my accident and failed surgery that resulted in permanent nerve damage. I never thought I would be able to walk again. This product is on my athletic shoes, casual shoes and dress shoes. Most people do not even know that I have foot drop now when I walk.

Do yourself a favor and buy the Dorsi-Strap Pro now. Your life will change for the better instantly.

Jeremy M., Savannah, TX


The Dorsi-Strap PRO, a simple and inexpensive device, allows me to walk almost perfectly for the first time in 7 years, since I severely damaged my right Peroneal nerve (confirmed with EMG) while playing tennis. Over the years the effect of the injury and changes to my gait worsened my condition. Walking was very slow and awkward as I could not keep up with others without considerable effort. Constant fears of tripping and many stumbles, some resulting in injury, impacted my quality of life.

The Dorsi-Strap PRO feels like you are wearing nothing if adjusted properly. I find attaching the Straps to the Cuff using Velcro to be very convenient, allowing for quick optimal personal adjustment for your usage.

The moment I put it on, my normal gait speed more than doubles with less effort. I just played tennis yesterday and I completely forgot it was on. Other 'active' reviewers who had this condition from injury shared my positive experience.

Norman B., Millis, MA

I purchased the Dorsi-Strap PRO because I have Multiple Sclerosis and have a foot drop on the left foot. My goal was not use my Ankle Foot Orthotic in walking, and to begin a light jogging program.
The X-Strap Dorsi-Strap PRO has allowed me to reach that goal. I have used it and my foot does not drop. It is great product for Multiple Sclerosis patients.

Stanley S, Carrollton, Texas

I purchased the Dorsi-Strap PRO because I have Multiple Sclerosis and have a foot drop on the left foot.  My goal was to stop using my Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO) in walking, and to begin a light jogging program. 
The Dorsi-Strap PRO has allowed me to reach that goal.  I have used it and my foot does not drop.  It is great product for Multiple Sclerosis patients. 
Stan S., Carrollton, Texas

My husband purchased his first Dorsi-Strap PRO last month. We were unsure as to how it could do the job of supporting his foot as he wears a metal brace.

After wearing your product for two days, he was astounded at how well it works.

Thank you.

Linda P., Ruffs Dale, PA

I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease and have been wearing plastic AFOs for about 3 years. My feet ached all the time and it was hard to find shoes that the AFOs fit in.

While reading my Quest magazine, I saw the ad for the Dorsi-Straps. My doctor had not heard of them, but said that if I wanted to try them I should. Needless to say I tried them, and I love them. My feet no longer feel bruised after a long day of standing on them at work. I am able to walk on our treadmill again, I feel as if my balance improves when I wear the Dorsi-Straps PROs too.

If you have foot drop, I highly recommend that you try this product. I am so thrilled I found it. I have ordered different colors for all my shoes. Thank you so much for giving me the support to take my life back. Your quick service was also very welcome.

Fawn C., Moses Lake, WA

The Dorsi-Strap Pro works better and is more comfortable than any other brace I've used over the many years I've had foot drop. It always does its job.

I also wanted to let you know that the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint is absolutely marvelous. For years, I've walked around my house barefoot by raising my knee up high and trying not to trip too often. Braces I tried over the years just didn't work, or weren't comfortable. From the moment I figured out how to put the Dorsi-Lite on and adjust it properly, I've been walking normally. It's so comfortable; I don't want to take it off. I'll probably sleep in it too!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much.

Katherine T., Minneapolis, MN

I am placing an order for a new Dorsi-Strap Pro. It has been well over four years since I ordered my first Dorsi-Strap, and I am just as pleased with it now as I was back then.  After wearing the dreaded AFO for over 10 years I appreciate the Dorsi-Strap every time I put my shoes on.  Knowing I don’t have to shove my foot into the shoe with the AFO strapped on is great.

I have been reading your web site with all the reviews from other people.  I am so glad they found you and are enjoying your products.

I praised you after I received my first Dorsi-Strap, and I continue to praise you today.  Your products have made my life so much easier. Keep up the good work.

Mary Jane Sabuto, Duryea, PA

I have been seriously affected by my MMN (Multifocal Motor Neuropathy) for well over two years. Much longer if you include the hand involvement, but it was the more recent drop foot that had really been getting me down. I used to run marathons, so you can imagine how upsetting it was for me to be limited to a slow limp, especially as my young children are starting to really get ahead of me when we are out and about.
Anyway, that frustration had finally driven me to try to do something more proactive about it, so I recently went online in the hunt for a good foot drop support to try to get some mobility back. Foot drop support is generally somewhat expensive, but one brand, the Dorsi-Strap for Foot Drop, was by far the cheapest per my limited investigations, so I decided to shell out the 50 bucks or so to get one.
I have had my Dorsi-Strap for only a few days, but it is amazing. The difference in my mobility is incredible. Only last week I was resigned to never enjoying a long walk again, while now, I am seriously contemplating training for future fun runs.
I really can't get over the difference this little, lightweight thing has done for my motivation and self esteem! I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone with drop foot symptoms.


While serving with the US Army I suffered a neurologic injury to my lower back resulting in partial paralysis of my right leg and severe foot drop.  After trying several heavy metal and leather leg braces
which worked but were cumbersome, I found the Dorsi-Strap Pro in your web site.
I wasn't sure it would work with my high combat type boots, but Mike worked with me to get a good fit, and even sent me an extra cuff at no charge.  I can't say enough about how it feels to walk with the lighter weight Dorsi-Strap Pro vs the metal brace.  An added advantage is that the Dorsi-Strap Pro is much less visible and does not draw attention as the metal brace did.  I have only been using it for a few days, but I would encourage you to give it a try. It can be life changing.

This device has made a tremendous difference in my "quality of life".  I can't thank you enough.

SSG Jacque Brandon
US Army

I have to say that your products have transformed my life, and your service is exemplary.

My wife and I are off on a 2 week trip around historic sites in Greece, Turkey and the Mediterranean islands starting next Friday; an adventure that has been made possible by discovering your Company and its life-transforming products.

Thank you so much.

James R., Oxfordshire, UK

I have just re-ordered 2 Dorsi-Strap PRO. I have been so pleased with my initial order which was placed early in September, that I have ordered a couple more pairs for my other footwear. Your product and delivery is excellent. My foot drop is the result of a severely trapped sciatic nerve. Walking is a pleasure for me again after a few years of "trips" and discomfort.

Bil R., Southport, Merseyside, England

Thanks for your recent two shipments and kind note about the shipping charges. Your delivery speed, two days from order date, is very impressive and I thank you for that. I love my Dorsi-Straps and have them on several pairs of sneakers. I don't know where I'd be without them! Probably using some cumbersome type of AFO, something I'm trying to avoid as long as possible. I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder, and have been using your products for over two years now.
I just purchased your Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint.

Thanks again for all you do for us folks out here with foot drop and other ailments.

Iris A., Silver Spring, MD

I recently purchased the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint and Dorsi-Strap Pro for my husband for his foot drop problem. These products are wonderful for people who suffer from foot drop.

The Dorsi-Strap Pro is awesome!
He had been wearing the rigid AFO but his leg atrophy was worsening and was making indentations in his calf (not to mention how hot and uncomfortable it is to wear in the summer time). Now with the Pro I am hoping that his leg will strengthen. I will be ordering a couple more just to have around when his new one needs replacing.

He is able to use the Dorsi Lite in the pool for his exercises and finally walk around the house in his bare feet.

Thanks for making your product available to those with foot drop. I am so glad I searched the internet and found your company!!!

Rose T., Antioch, CA

The Dorsi-Strap PRO is everything you promised, and more. My $800 AFO is retired, never to be used again! It took only one week to convince me that your invention is the best news for anyone with foot-drop.

You deserve to have continued success. What a relief not to buy oversized shoes anymore! I'm waking more normal now, without the need of a cane.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bill W., Livonia, MI

My husband developed foot drop as a result of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. At 59 years of age this was difficult to handle. He had great difficulty with his balance and suffered numerous falls. He was only able to walk short distances with a cane. We were online looking at walkers when we stumbled upon your website. We ordered Dorsi-Strap PRO to give it a try. The next week we ordered it in all colors, and also ordered the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint for barefoot use.

This week my husband didn't take his cane to work. He hasn't had a fall since he started wearing these devices. He loves the comfort and most of all, how discrete they are. Many thanks for putting such a great idea to work. I am a RN and I am singing your praises!

Donna S., Greenwood, SC

Just want to say what a God send the Dorsi Strap Pro has been for me. I wear them on both feet due to Charcot Marie Tooth Disease....and have found them to be MUCH better than the plastic and titanium in-the-shoe braces that I already have. So much more comfortable, and pain free. They do the job great...improving my way of walking and my balance. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product and I would, and have, recommended it to my family and friends. God bless!

Sherry D., Topton, PA

I injured my back some years ago which resulted in severe foot drop. I was fitted with a brace which I could not wear, and have put up with the limp and discomfort ever since. I had frequent falls which resulted in many minor injuries.
I put on the Dorsi-Strap and could not believe how good it is. I have just now ordered an additional black strap and white strap to go on my work and golf shoes, and cannot believe I have put up with this condition for so long when the solution was just a click away.

I played golf today for the first time with the Dorsi-Strap PRO on, and my balance was much better, and I finished with a lot more energy.

Thanks ...... very happy customer
Ralph S., Sydney, Australia

I wear the Dorsi-Strap with boots and other shoes in which my custom built AFO will not fit, but have been using the AFO with my business shoes. A few months ago, my podiatrist noticed that the AFO was causing the skin on the side of my foot to break down. Since foot ulcers continue to be a problem for me, the podiatrist was concerned. He asked me if I still had that "strap thing" I had shown him when I originally bought the Dorsi-Strap PRO. Even though he had scoffed at it originally, he suggested that I start using it more to avoid further skin breakdown.
I have been using the Dorsi-Strap almost exclusively, and honestly have not noticed any difference in support between the performance of the $42 PRO and the $800 AFO. Plus, my feet are so much more comfortable! I am also an avid recreational bicyclist and have found it is much easier to pedal without so much "hardware" on my foot and leg.

I'm so glad I found the Dorsi-Strap and I think my podiatrist is also a "convert." Thanks.

Dale L., Mentor, OH

I have had a complete foot drop in my right foot for 3 years since a herniated disk in my back damaged a nerve. I was originally fitted with a rigid AFO brace for my foot, then a flexible one. Both of them were cumbersome and uncomfortable and caused me to get blisters on my feet, and I had difficulty driving.

I've now been using the Dorsi-Strap for about 2 years, it is easy to use, comfortable, and it does the job - keeps my foot up so walking or driving are not problems. In fact, last summer I resumed playing singles tennis (and have even won some matches) with the Dorsi-Strap PRO, which I never would have been able to do with anything else that I tried, so thank you for producing this wonderful product that has enhanced the quality of my life.

Mike G., Fresh Meadows, NY

Thank you so much for developing the Dorsi-Strap Pro.
Now I have one for all my shoes, and my golf shoes also have your Sprain-Guard.

Now I never wear my AFOs. I have two...one is a bulky plastic mess, the other is made of space age materials and cost Medicare some $850 but does not fit properly and requires that I buy shoes that are a size too big.

The Dorsi-Strap and Sprain Guard are light weight and comfortable and give me the stability that I need for my foot drop and my instable ankle, and the atrophy in my calf is improving and starting to reverse some. It is almost back to what it was before I got the foot drop. I thank you for the extra strength in my calf.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I found you on the Web. Thanks again.

Dale R., Stuart, FL

Just want to say thank you. I received my Dorsi-Strap PRO two days ago.
I am 6 1/2 years post stroke and still must use a walker. Hard to believe, but true.......I am walking a bit better and my goal is to park my walker by Christmas.
My gait is a little more steady with the help of the Dorsi-Strap PRO.
Thank you once more.

Judy K., Fountain Hills, AZ

I would like to thank you and the company for the greatest Drop Foot Brace I have ever seen.

I received my drop foot from an operation to have a hip replaced, and when I woke up I had no feeling from the knee to the toes on the right side. I was fitted with a one piece plastic brace, and 6 months later I was fitted with a brace that was hinged on the side by the ankle bone. This was the hardest thing to put on, and I could not get it off fast enough when I returned home.

As I was watching TV one night I went straight to the internet and typed in “drop foot”, and that was the best thing I have seen in 2 years for my problem.

I ordered the Dorsi-Strap Pro several weeks ago and I have just ordered the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint so I can walk about, not only in my residence, but can take it with me where ever I go. Thanks to your Company for this greatest product.

Eric A., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I’ve just placed my second order. I wear the Dorsi-Strap PRO so often!
I want an extra set so that I can LEAVE the straps in another shoe, then I won’t have to be switching straps all the time. Does this tell you how often I wear the Dorsi-Strap?

I can drive more safely in the Dorsi-Strap than in the tungsten-carbon, inflexible AFO from the neurologist’s referral. Walking down stairs is safer.
My leg was starting to atrophy from that brace, and now I think I have a chance of rebuilding some of that muscle (with the PRO).

I can’t say enough about these items that you have designed. Thanks!

Joy W. B., Edina, MN

Being a frequent user of the Dorsi Strap I must compliment you on the Dorsi Strap Pro, this has made a great difference to my walking pattern i.e. I am now able to walk further than ever before, it is very robust and excellent value for money.
Keep up the good work and please keep me informed of any new products that you may create.
Many thanks.

Bernard N., Kent, UK

I just received the Dorsi Strap PRO over the weekend, and this product works!
Thank you guys sooo much!

I plan to pass the word along, and I will buy additional straps.
Thanks again (Happy customer).

Anthony H., Hampton, VA

Until Oct ‘08 I was unaware of foot drop and it's causes. I fell asleep reading, with my legs crossed, and woke up unable to lift my left foot. I would have been put on medical leave if my employer knew of this situation as my job requires I be totally fit.

Thanks to the Dorsi-strap, I have been able to conceal my condition and continue to work as usual. Great product!

David J., Vanderpool, TX

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your Dorsi-Strap PROs.
They work so well, and are so much better than the hard plastic device that the medical supply stores sell for foot drop. On follow up visits with my neurosurgeon, he has asked about the Dorsi-Strap I wear and has taken down all the information to recommend to his patients.
Thank you for a terrific product.

Bonnie O., Flemington, NJ

I just ordered the X-Strap Dorsi-Strap PRO. It's great. I've been a user of the standard Dorsi-Strap for 6 years. As a bus operator I am regulated by the federal and state D.O.T. and am required to be certified by them every two years. These departments have accepted the Dorsi-Strap as an AFO which allows me to continue driving. I do have an intrusive brace that I wear, but I prefer the Dorsi-Strap and wear it most of the time. Thanks.

Don V., W. Desmoines, IA
Many thanks. I'm very happy with the product. It really works well, and is far more comfortable than my regular AFO. Thanks again,

Perry S., Alpharetta, GA
I have searched high and low for a brace for my son Bill besides the hard AFO he has to wear at work in his steel toed high top boots. I have searched every website I could find on the Internet, and keep coming back to your product. Because of his young age, he doesn't want people to know he has foot drop. He wears the Dorsi-Strap PRO with pants and shorts, and people don't even realize he has a brace on.

I was surprised this year when he wanted to play in our town's alumni basketball tournament - last year he was in a wheelchair and couldn't play. He played the entire weekend wearing the Dorsi-Strap, and our friends in the crowd who knew what had happened to him kept coming up to me and asking if his foot drop was gone!

During the past year we have purchased about 4 pair of the dorsi-straps for Bill. He was injured in a snowmobile accident last year and has foot drop. When he wears the Dorsi-Strap you can't even tell he has foot drop. He is 19 years old and this has been a blessing in his life. He can even play basketball wearing the dorsi-strap - people that know him are amazed at how well he is walking and running.

Judy S., Medford, WI
First, I have just received the Dorsi-Strap PRO model. Words cannot express how happy I am. For years I have had to put up with my $1200 custom made afo, so you should be proud. Your product is like night and day when compared to my "custom afo". Please use my name if I can be of help to you with your great afo. I will be ordering a second back up model.

Richard B., Lexington, SC
I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your Dorsi-Strap PRO. I received it last week and installed it that night. I immediately enjoyed more mobility than I've had during the year since developing drop foot.

Oh, I have a state-of-the-art AFO (carbon molded yada, yada, yada), but it is not ideal for my condition. I'm also diabetic and have an ulcer of the bottom of that same foot which we've been working to heal for at least three years. The AFO does not help the healing process since it has the rigid platform under my custom orthotics. It also seems to throw my foot to one side and puts more pressure on the ulcer.

With the Dorsi-Strap Pro, I get the drop foot support with no interference to my orthotics. My foot also comes down more "squarely" on the ground. Yesterday, I ordered another to use with my dress shoes, as well as an additional white set of straps. I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the near future. I'm so glad I found you online!


Dale L., Mentor, OH
l want to tell you how great Dorsi-Strap PRO product is. It works much better then my brace. I played my best golf game in years. Keep up the great work. You're helping people.

Thank you.

Larry B., Koloa, HI
I am most happy with your Dorsi-Strap PRO. This order is to replace a Dorsi-Strap that has finally worn out. It has made my foot drop (acquired 25 years ago from a car wreck) much easier to deal with, allowing me to walk for exercise in a more effective way.

Thank you.

Barbara D., Indian Hills, CO
Thanks!! The Dorsi-Strap PRO had changed my life. I now play tennis daily & take 12-mile hikes. Neither of these was possible with a standard molded AFO. There IS active life after foot drop, thanks to you.

Gary F., M.D., Ashland, OR

I have been using the Dorsi-strap Pro for about a week now. It is much more comfortable to wear than the $1500.00 carbon compound brace that I also have. Your lightweight contraption gives me fairly good control while walking, although I can't seem to rid myself of the limp, no matter which brace I use. I have long-term damage to the sciatic nerve, and despite the back surgery and steroid program and a rigorous exercise program, I still have not regained any feeling in my left foot and part of the lower leg. I don't wish to bore you with my plight, but rather to thank you for at least providing me with a low-cost method of gaining some semblance of normalcy. I don't believe that anything but more time and forcing the leg to work on its own will solve my problems, but your invention has given me a way to get around with minimal pain. We have an Alaskan trip set up for August, and the Dorsi-strap will go right with me, hopefully to allow me to make the very most of the experience.

Thank you for this.

Mike R., Plainfield, IL

First of all I love the DORSI-STRAP PRO. I now play men's softball. I was even playing some basketball, but my back just can't take it.
Thank you for giving me back my active athletic life.
I am ordering another Dorsi-Strap today.
Thanks again.

Charles L., Maple Shade, NJ

I played my first game of golf using the combination of the DORSI-STRAP PRO and SPRAIN-GUARD. It seems to work out just fine. I’m now looking forward to a summer of play.

Don F., Beaverton, OR

I can't say enough how pleased I am to have come across the DORSI-STRAP PRO for foot drop. I suffered a severe knee dislocation in a football game a few years ago, nearly losing my leg, and leaving me with dropfoot - but before this injury I was active, running track and playing football and basketball. Mind you, I'm still young (I'm 18 years old), and want to continue as much as possible the lifestyle I had been leading before my injury. On the day the DORSI-STRAP PRO arrived, I put it on, and immediately went for a jog, then went down to a local park and played some basketball. The brace held up wonderfully, and it really began to wean me off of overcompensating for the footdrop by hiking up my hip when I walk. Anyone who wishes to live an active lifestyle, and has footdrop, should purchase this product.

Samson A., Bellevue, WA.

The items (Dorsi-Strap™ PRO) arrived this morning, amazingly quick. Fantastic product, very, very pleased. I may well be ordering more in the future. Thanks once again for all your help.

Mike W, London, U.K.

This product literally has saved my life!!!! I am a nurse practitioner in private practice. I had a knee replacement with damage to the non-surgical knee-- with resultant foot drop. I went home, and fell, tearing my shoulder. I literally did not feel I could leave my home. The very expensive AFO did not fit any shoe, nor did it ever feel comfortable enough to wear. My sister downloaded info on plantar fasciitis along with severe back pain, which I also developed from limping. I accidentally saw your advertisement. I never give endorsements due to my profession, but again, the Dorsi-Strap PRO system really did save my life. I have referred a number of clients already, and by the length of this note, you can tell I am truly your biggest supporter. Now the next step to develop is a system for shoes without laces [DONE!] . I have two pairs with Velcro™ straps that I am going to try with the Dorsi-Strap but not too sure of the strength. P.S. I have left my home, back at work, and even playing tennis thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! If some one has foot drop, the Dorsi-Strap is the best way to comfortably and safely walk again, I can't imagine anyone getting any less than that!

Linda H, Lafayette, CA

Just a note to let you know that I played golf this week wearing my new Dorsi-Strap PRO and it worked like a charm. Can't thank you enough for your invention. One of my golfing partners was an MD from Montgomery and he was thoroughly impressed. I gave him your web site info so don't be surprised if you begin hearing from folks in that area. I'm so glad I saw your ad in "Stroke Smart". I'll be calling for two more as soon as I can.

James H., Point Clear, AL

The Dorsi-Strap PRO brace is great! It's made such a difference. Golly gee...Who da thought? It's waking up some of the numbness on my foot already. My chiropractor saw me walking and checked it out and wants your website to give as a referral to others. He was so happy to see my new gait. In just a few days my new range of motion increases are causing my calf to spout little muscle areas. He thinks there is even a chance that the increased activity will fire the nerves to work again.

I'm showing off to everyone that I can walk without a limp...I show it to them because they saw me limping for 13 months. In just a few days there is a tremendous difference in my daily activities and in my spirit. I have to go to a wedding in a couple of months and now I know I'll be able to dance. That's a VERY BIG DEAL. I was just about to cave in and get an orthopedic brace and now I am spared that discomfort and cost. The thrill of walking was instant. It took a few days to find my comfort zone and now I can't wait to put my shoes on! The soft Dorsi-Lite brace to wear at home is also very handy. I didn't realize the difference it made until I took it off. It's a bit more subtle than the Dorsi-Strap.

Thank you so much for your lovely inventions. I often wonder if testimonials are true. This one definitely is more than genuine. Thank you again.

Linda R., Los Angeles, CA

We received the Dorsi-Strap PRO in the mail today. Marlene tried it this afternoon and we went and played 9 holes of golf. It is so much better than the other device that she was using. Thanks. Her Physiotherapist was interested in your product and was waiting for Marlene to receive and use it. We will be seeing him in a couple of weeks and will let him know the good news.

P. M., Surrey, B.C., Canada

Just to let you know that I've changed to a smaller shoe size and the DORSI-STRAP PROs are working well. It's nice to feel the insides of my shoes once more, unlike when I was wearing those ankle braces.

Best regards,

Denis D., The Philippines